“Good Carbs” Vs. “Bad Carbs”? (Best Carbs To Eat)







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Healthy Carbs – The Best Carbs To Eat For Muscle Gain And Fat Loss

What are the very best carbs to eat as part of your muscle building and fat loss program?

Most people make the issue of choosing healthy carb sources for their diet into something way more complicated than it needs to be. With so much conflicting nutrition advice, it’s no wonder that this is the case.

However, putting together a list of “good carbs” for your diet is actually very simple…

First off, no matter what type of carbohydrate rich food you eat, in the end it will always be broken down into its simplest form of glucose. In that sense, the whole idea of “good carbs vs. bad carbs” is misleading, since at the end of the day, a carb is a carb.

The only real difference is in how those carbs are “packaged up”. Some are found in high fiber, micronutrient dense sources, while others are found in nutritionally empty foods.

So, in order to ensure that you’re receiving all of the vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and fiber that you need for optimal functioning, the best carbohydrates are simply those that have been minimally refined, such as starchy carbs, fruits and vegetables.

Here is a list of good carbs to build muscle and lose fat optimally: Oatmeal, Rice, Quinoa, Potatoes, Sweet potatoes, Yams, Ezekial bread, Whole grain cereals, Pita, Pasta, Fruits, Vegetables.

As long as 80-90% of your daily carb intake is based around these healthy carb sources, and you’re getting in 1-2 servings of fruit and 2 servings of vegetables daily, there really isn’t much else to worry about when it comes to choosing “healthy carbs”.

Don’t worry about the specific absorption rate of each carbohydrate source or what you read in some bogus article outlining “which carbs to avoid” – just get 80-90% of your carb intake from the foods listed and you’ll be good to go.

  • thank you for this info . i was worried about eating brown rice , or quinoa every day because i am trying to loose weight . thank you for the info . new subscriber

  • very good information…thanks

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  • Since converting to mainly a plant based diet I dropped one and a half belt sizes and no longer have a gut. Wondering how much meat one really needs? Twice, three times a week?

  • thanks for the video it really help on carbs. but i have question i'm border line diabetic my doctor tells me now sugar unless it's all natural . Could you give some idea of diet plan that can create to work on those lines ? thank you for any info or tips you may have thanks ….

  • I have a bread thath as 9g carbs, 4g fibre 90 calories per slice is that healthy as ezekiel bread?

  • are asian noodles (pho, vermicelli, chow mein, ramen, udon) in the category of healthy carbs??

  • Very informative, thanks Sean!

  • Thanks for this. I was feeling very confused when a guy at the gym told me pasta was dirty?? Considering the fact I've ate pasta regularly my whole life.

  • so can you eat lollies / chocolate if you have fat left over every single day if its just 10% of your calories for the day and it wont make a difference in your physique?

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  • Thanks.

  • carbs are like ramen good carbs your wrong

  • sir i eat all good carbs.. but still hard gainer why? i work out 6 days a week… i take almost 100 gram of protein… i lost fat instead of gaining muscle

  • It should be Simple Sugar/Processed Carbs vs Complex Carbs. Eat the Complex it contains Fiber and micronutrients.

  • I know more about diet from Woo&Pep handbooks !

  • white rice is no good?

  • the only carbs you should eat is thru vegetables and should be low carb. all else's bullsh!t for weight lost.

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  • Fructose typically from fruits, honey etc do not restore muscle glycogen, only liver glycogen

  • Dude I seriously appreciate this info! You are awesome! Have a blessed day man!

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  • Carbs don't get broken down into glucose right away. It gets broken down into glycogen that's stored in the liver and muscles, your body convert the glycogen into glucose to be used as energy. You look stupid in the thumbnail.

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  • So you’re basically saying that fast acting vs non-fast acting carbs are irrelevant? No wonder society has as much diabetes as it does, cus we’re listening to fuckheads like you who say that you can get the same stable energy regardless if you’re eating table sugar or oatmeal.