Gary Taubes Low Carb Lifestyle

Low carb author, Gary Taubes, helps to explain the long term effects of a low carb lifestyle. For more up to date content, please visit my main channel:

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  • I love this video! Gary has the biggest ego of any popular science writer, from his smugness in the Ornish debate, to his suggestion that people give his books to their doctors, to the pompous way in which he deems himself the arbiter of what is good and bad science. Gary deserves to be cut down to size.

  • >Gary Taubes.
    Pick one.

  • Of course there is bacteria in meat, it's mostly dead, but it's still there causing an immune response in your body. Get educated or get medicated sunnysilky.

  • Is this video inspired by him taking deep breaths while talking publically? It's called speaking!!! You need air to speak loudly and clearly!

    Even the "expert" your video features does it as he's talking. What a stupid video.

  • awesome video…

  • Wheezy Taubes refused a blood test on Dr.Oz, because he knew his cholesterol was through the roof!

  • When they gave subjects pure glucose, they didn't have the endotoxin spike. No reason to think it has anything to do with carbohydrates.

  • Nothing says 'science' like a couple of isolated Gary Taubes breathing anecdotes.

  • Yet my son and I both have been relieved of 95+% of our asthma symptoms by going Paleo like what Gary Taubes promotes.  Our blood work also confirmed a huge improvement after being on the Paleo diet for 9 months.  Again our physical work capacity and BMI also confirmed huge improvements of health.

  • Taubes is WAY too low-carb.. anything less than 10% carbs means your lungs aren't generating enough mucus for proper function.. around 30% is necessary especially for the gut otherwise the infamous Atkin's constipation is guaranteed also.. The LCHF/Paleo template is definitely the healthiest way to go but these VLC advocates, even though they mean well, are in danger of derailing the movement by giving bad advice..

  • Well played! Dr Greger rocks! Thx for posting. 

  • taubes was a heavy smoker, so these aren't linked