Full Day Of ”Low Carb” Eating

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  • "hugging, hugging the sleeve" hahahaha man this guy cracks me up :'D great video man

  • actually the powder thingy would be 1g of carbs since you subtract fiber from carbs šŸ˜‰

  • Low carb at 100g? o.O I do 20 ;o

  • He swears too much….smh

  • Very tasty tea. Many I have tried do not taste good and cause cramping. I have not had that issue with this Weight Loss Green Store Tea product and I like the taste .

  • Love your dog! šŸ˜€ lol xx

  • ''Hippy Milk!'' love it xD haha your Awsome. x

  • how do you log in chicken breast on my fitness pal?

  • hey Chris my macros are 50g carbs,30g protein,20g fats its super hard for me to eat anything. Im always strick dieting these chicken breast are getting boring man I need your help bro. How would you tackle this to bring more flavour into the diet I've been working out ever since 18 and honestly im about to explode if I see another chocolate bar and have to pass it up cause of my crazy macros bro.

  • I am no saint. But you would have SO MANY MORE followers and subscribers if you didn't curse so much and sound so uneducated. Real talk. Here on base you are what our commanders suggest us to never be like when we make a training video. Hooyah-USN

  • reduced sugar ketchup! where the ? who the? when the fuck did this come out! ?

  • bro ur lowkey a fuckin comedian . lmao

  • eat all the thing you want poor nigger,we all know that ur shape is related to roids,no ur junk powder and all the banana

  • about a day no hidden sugar no starch

  • wow, skip them bread & rolls , lol

  • i been on a low carb , nearly zero carb , so under 20 grammes , cut that bread, cut the fruits, cut the veg, live on high fats from, avocados, cheese, butter, bacon, eggs, cream, coconut oil, mushrooms, nuts, mayo, olive oil, bit of kale & spinach & broccoli,,,,,,

  • Bruno is gangster as fuck chris lol

  • Good video šŸ‘

  • where episode 2 for low carb meals??..great vid

  • If you ain't Hoe ready you ain't ready!!!