Full Day of Low Carb Eating | Vlog

Going Vegan!? + Vegan Food Review:

Full Day Of Eating: Low Carb
Upper Body Workout: Tri & Biceps, Shoulders and Back

Kayla Itsines BBG 2.0 Final Review + My Fitness Story:

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  • i love you and your diet but you type low crab diet but that ain't low crab i like the vid tho!!!

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  • I'm on a low carb diet as well! Thanks for sharing! Be blessed!

  • Good on you girl for taking the decision to take your life in control and stay healthy. For more inspiration and tools would be great if you checked out my channel also. I talk on raw foods, yoga, wellness, clean eating and fun fitness and dance. Will check out the rest of your videos too. all the best.

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  • how are you going to do low carb but then you eat pasta,pb,ricecakes. Because if you are doing low carb that already is too many carbs just for the day.

  • How is this a low carb day ? wtf

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  • Hey, you recorded this on my birthday. Cool vid. You rock😂

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  • Thank you for this Vlog 😘

  • how was that low carb? you ate like 150+ grams

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