Fudge, Low-Carb Style

I had such a craving for fudge, but I’m on this low-carb lifestyle and sugar is off limits. So I searched the internet and one recipe came up again and again in videos, blogs and forums. I had to try it to see if it was as good as folks seem to think.

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  • u had me grinnin thru this whole vid, opps the recipe said….i forgot to do that, lol—-hav a great nite guy, enjoy the fudge

  • Keith, There were times I almost stopped filming, I made so many mistakes! Thanks a million for watching and especially for your good words, friend!

  • Looks delicious, I love your cooking videos, they always make me hungry lol
    Thanks for sharing this recipe with us, I'm gonna try it out for Thanksgiving 🙂

  • Looks tasty. Might have to try it! Do you have anything up your sleeve for Thanksgiving? 

  • Mmmm, peanutbutter fudge. One of my weaknesses.. lol

  • Easy enough to make, and it looks delicious.

  • Looks so good!

  • On my must-make list! Have all the ingredients in the house, even…thanks for another great video!

  • Juanelo you did it again. I love me some peanut butter and you nailed it. You are awesome in the kitchen and on the water my friend. Aieee!

  • Wow John, I'd like to try that for sure!!!  YUM!

  • Peanut Butter, who would have guessed. John, do you find your low carb recipes from a specific place or just kind of all over? Great video!

  • For being a amateur chef you sure seem to do a great job to me buddy…I think the chocolate would go a lot better than vanilla too…lol…I'm a reese cup and snicker freak, lol…Them sure looked good and I bet they tasted great too John…Great Job…My mom always does a bunch of baking this time of year for X-Mas and sends us a lot of goodies…Take care and stay safe for the Holidays my friend and have a Happy Thanksgiving…Gonzo…

  • Another great Chef John video!  This is certainly the time of year for all the things we probably don't need to consume (I'm a sucker for the marshmallow chocolate fudge with walnuts).  That low carb peanut butter fudge looked really good; no baking needed!  Oooooo! I saw you were working on a fish enchilada video…can't wait!  I've been catching lots of nice crappie.  Happy Thanksgiving!  Don 

  • Im not a big fan of fudge myself, but a nice video.

  • What a great low carb sweet to try!! I love fudge, and I love your video style!!

  • FUDGE!!!!!!!!!  I wonder if you tried it with Nutella how it might turn out?  I must try this!

  • Looks so good, thanks again for sharing!

  • I love peanut butter fudge. Well peanut butter anything really. I love grilled PB&J sammy's. So good!! Your fudge looked awesome guy and the perfect sweet to make for your sweetie!

  • I love fudge.. And peanut butter! Wow put them together and that is melt in your mouth delicious right there! Thanks for sharing such a great recipe friend!

  • I did my video/take on this. Turned out great. I used cashew butter and dark coco powder. Other than that, it was the same. Should be out next week. Thanks for the inspiration

  • I follwed the link from Lyle's video and enjoyed your version of this low carb fudge – Thumbs up Juanelo!

  • Omg you are to cute😊 thanks for the video.

  • quite he fisherman (smile, smile)

  • Looked really good! Hope you saved some for Lulu!

  • Just found your fudge video, I'm pretty new on YouTube but love it and the recipes, yours looks great, I might have to try it one day!!

  • The most enjoyable fudge cooking show I have seen in along time, you can bet I am going to try it but won't have as much fun as you dud

  • Today I made this fudge. We liked it. Next time I try it with cacoa