Food is Life #26 High Protein Muscle Building Meals!

There is seriously no meal better than one that is high in protein! This Ground Beef and Chickpeas recipe is an easy way to make sure you get your required protein, fiber and carbs for the day! Eating a diet high in protein ensures great muscle recovery! Especially after a workout you want to make sure the post workout meal is high in protein to keep that muscle building process on track!

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  • Looks really good man! I'll have to try it out thanks for the meal!

  • beef <3

  • Great Meal bro.

  • Don't know how chickpeas taste , but that looks really good bro 😮

  • No adobo to season the meat? o_0

  • Double shot of protein nice job fam cooking game top notch

  • Thats there ground beef 

  • Beef!

  • Lol got caught by my teacher while watching this. Imma real street ninja though so I watched it anyway. 108 more to go bro!

  • I need to try some chickpeas

  • Can of chickpeas? fiber for dayz!!!

  • Need to try chickpeas after prep!

  • That ground beef looked slamminggg! 

  • Looks great, will try it. I use chick peas to make hummus.

  • Yeah buddy! Getting yo chef on! Hot sauce on errrrrrything, I love this with some mixed peppers and onions too. Ever made it into a chilli aswell? Chopped tomato and kidney beans instead of chickpeas and BAM, chilli! I love them

  • I have that canola oil from Costco in the UK, hesitant to use it however as I'm not sure what the macros are?

  • goya!!! lol you lean bulking?

  • Chickpeas is a wicked good idea! Havent had those in a hot minute. great little tip

  • Somewhere in the internet I read that chickpeas helps you to lose weight. I'm confused. Can you please tell me does it help to gain muscle mass or lose weight?