Flexible Dieting CHANGED My Life — Full Day of Low Carb Eating

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  • I would love to see an introduction/explanation video about macros. Thank you! 💜😁

  • What’s the jacket you’re wearing in the video? Love your tips!

  • Love the what I eat I. A day videos

  • I love your full day of eating videos. simple meals and so satisfying😃

  • Brittany! Where do I start… How do I start… What basic things do I need to get on the road to fitness… please do a video on this. Thanks girl.

    P.s. 💕 you're the best

  • I'd love to hear how workouts might be different for an ectomorph.

  • So crazy because I followed you about 3 years ago when I was having serious eating problems and I was basically starving myself, but your posts were so motivating and im so glad I found you on YT.
    I've been following you on YT for months now but I thought I lost you when I stopped following you on IG…
    But thanks for making these videos 🙂 I appreciate cha 💖

  • Morning Britney! I’ve been following you for a while now, mainly because I loved your Starbucks videos! But recently I’ve been watching your workout tips, techniques and food videos which now I love your page even more! They’ve probably been on your page the whole time but with having two kids, doesn’t leave a whole lotta time for me to YouTube surf much! LOL! Keep doing what you’re doing don’t change a thing! 😊

  • hey Brittany, i just recently stumbled upon your youtube channel and i just wanted to say that i’m so glad i did! i’ve related to a lot of the same problems that you used to go through (being on a restrictive diet/binging on the weekends/not trusting the process) i used to compete but i’m taking a break from the stage. i’m now taking steps to growing a healthy relationship with food and just started doing IIFYM! your videos help so much ☺️ so thank you!

  • Do you get your lashes done in Dallas? If so, where at?

  • Would love to know more about your flexible dieting. I struggle all the time. Def a crash dieter over here….

  • Please, please, please!! Do a video on binge eating disorder….I've struggled for so long and I feel like it's not nearly as discussed as other eating disorder issues

  • um i think anyone could look at you and know youre not eating cookies and ice cream all day!!!! love it

  • You introduced me to IF a long time ago and thank you for that! It has been a game changer for me just like it has you. You’re amazing, keep doing you girl! P.S. thank you for always responding to my snapchats. You’re seriously the best. ❤️

  • Love your videos.

  • Yes please make a video on how to track your macros

  • Your eyelashes are AMAZING! What mascara/lashes do you use?

  • Please make a how to track your Macros video!!! I want to learn because I want to lose weight in a healthy way for next year.

  • I love when you post new videos! They're always so uplifting and real! Just what we need on social media. More people like YOU and your beautiful soul! Thank you for sharing this information on your journey with flexible dieting! (: xoxo <3

  • Also, kudos to you for being binge free! I know the struggle, and it is so horrid. You are so beautiful inside and out, and I am so happy that you are leading this healthy life and promoting it in such a positive way to us all! (:

  • i love your chat videos! I would love to see a binge eating video

  • I would love for you to do a Macros video! I understand and track but could always use more insight! Stay amazing!

  • Would like to see a video that talks more about macros. I struggle with dieting a am all or nothing. Please post a video about tracking macros 😊

  • I love this video! I totally agree, macros changed everything for me too. I've been following your content for so long and have really loved keeping up with your channel 🙂 You actually inspired me to start my own! Keep it up Brittany!

  • Love love how positive you are!would love to see like a beginers go to grocery store list or like show us what's good to eat if your new to flexible dieting the go to stuff!

  • I love to hear you talk about transitioning to a vegetarian diet. I’ve always thought I couldn’t, but then I realized I was only eating chicken once a day. I already don’t eat beef, pork, and seafood rarely so the change might not be a bad as I think it would be!

  • M W

    How do you find out what your macros are?

  • Love all your videos! I want to learn more about the flexible diet. I’m currently on a meal plan and I hate it. It’s boring and makes me not want to eat. Help a sis out lol

  • Hi, please provide a video on how you stop binging 😊😊

  • I always love your low calories Starbucks ideas !!
    Also love you FDOE of course 🙂
    Thanks girl xx
    IG: kaate3

  • Wish you lived closerrr wed have a lot of fun goofing around 🤪

  • Competition history!!!!

  • Go vegan!

  • Please do a video on calculating macros!

  • Would love a video on flexible diet, and some quick lunch and breakfast 🍳 ideas! Also list of some protein packed foods and health benefits! 😊

  • Always amazing! Love the Starbucks videos SO much

  • Can you do a video on how to figure out what your macros should be at? There are some many "fitness calculators" out there.

  • That’s doesn’t seem a lot at all 😮