Fitness Model Nutrition Plan (EXACTLY WHAT SHE EATS!!)

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This fitness model nutrition plan will show you exactly what this fitness model eats to stay lean and strong. Instead of the typical fitness model diet advice, she’ll show you precisely what she eats in the course of the day on her muscle building meal plan. You can get a fat burning diet plan like hers here:

On this fitness model diet plan, there’s no starvation, no counting calories or macros and no restriction. On ATHLEAN XX for Women your fat burning nutrition plan has you eating foods you love 5-6 times per day. This is no ‘diet plan’ but rather a total lifestyle change. However this muscle building nutrition plan is sustainable. You don’t have to give up your favorite foods. In fact, chocolate is actually part of our fitness model nutrition plan.

Take this fitness model nutrition advice to heart. Feed your muscles. Don’t eat too little because you’ll be sabotaging your success. You need to eat lots of whole foods to get lean!

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  • I'm with her on the head in a bucket of avacados. Yum

  • Follow my foolproof tip. three big bowls of soup any flavour, allow yourself 5 minuets to eat. one bowl for breakfast another for dinner then one for supper/  sit at the table nice and upright in your chair. eat your chosen flavour soup with only one chop stick, in 5 minuets you should have managed half a teaspoon.  works every time. after a week of this you will have lost much weight .

  • love it. so simple! I eat lot of these already. I think keeping it simple is the trick!

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  • if i ate like this, i'd explode

  • Do you have a presentation of your diet and workouts? Give the link.
    Thank you!

  • Haha "I could stick my head in a bucket of Avocados"😂🥑❤️
    Them them too!

  • Can you speak to nutrition for those of us who are on thyroid medications? I know that my body doesn't seem to react the same as people without thyeiod issues. thanks a bunch!

  • Regarding the comment field, she is showing what works for her. Her results are there to be seen by everyone. I personally don't do hardly any of the grains that she does (only on weekends for example, with some rice during the week), I don't use a microwave, a stick only to poultry and moderate dairy/cheese as my proteins, mostly all organic, and definitely more whole fruits. I also do the avocados regularly. I do cheat/carb cycle on the weekends. That is what works for me. And I never measure macros. Why should I, since my fat intake is likely way outside of "recommended" norms.

    You learn what does/does not work for your body after using some guides like this woman, but then fine tune it to yourself. Often people do process foods differently from one another (in their gut), and of course the style of workout comes into play as far as burning the energy goes. There are a lot of factors, you have to find what works for YOUR body. Buy programs if you need to but use them only to help you find your own path. And be careful of excessive cardio.

    I actually learned everything that got me to where I am from men on youtube: Underground Wellness, Earth Shift Project, FacelessFatloss, Scooby1961…they just plain know their shit.

  • Wonderful video.

  • Wow I wish I had u around to push me x

  • You look good and lean, but that diet plan is starvation 😩

  • Where is your green veggies???

  • doesn't seem like a lot of food. do you ever feel hungry? i feel hungry a lot but I'm eating 2200 calories per day

  • why dont you start videos on your own like.. not exactly vlogging but showing people once in a while what you do for workout or like in this video, show people what you eat in a day. i think it would be quite cool to see what exercise routines you do, specially seeing them done by you in the gym followed by a camera or stuff like that.

  • Good she picked out her favourite which is a high fat ….go Keto!

  • My wife has lot of pain in her ankle in leg. We have tried Consulting lot of doctors. But no use. Her weight is 80kg. She had c section delivery once. Please advice what to do.

  • Flesh is a carcinogen and not a part of healthy diet. Bovine lactation is good for a calf not and for the adult (!) human being. For the optimum health we need to follow whole foods plant based diet.

  • Your amazing! I love love avacodos as well I could eat them all day! I like to eat 1/2 in the morning 1/2 mid day with a salad and1/2 with dinner do you believe this is too much or too much for the fat content! Seriously I could just live on avacodos! I'm just starting my journey so it's going to be hard I have herniated discs but I'm still going to weight train loose my flabby arms and every other flab I have! Thank you so much!

  • Very helpful video! Especially regarding the amount of carbs whilst training. They are definitely not the enemy.

  • You look great

  • Damn she's hot. And look at her biceps, oh my god.

  • A lot of hate here lol

  • I scrolled down and sigh with all these negative comments
    I just feel blessed she is actually love her body a lot so she can eat whatever she wants
    Thank you for showing us your meal!