End of 1 month Atkins low carb diet body shot

I really dont see a difference myself but it will eventually show, I hope!!!!!

  • your video made me laugh! I know what you mean about being bored, eating the same things again and again. This is my second time doing low carb, quitting after 6 months being bored with the food and gaining all my weight back, now I have a different attitude towards it. As long as Im not gaining and slowly losing, thats all that matters to me. Keep up the good work. Love your videos!

  • Keep it up…..its totally worth it.

  • Shit salad Lmfao

  • I'm on day 7….

  • You are funny

  • Omg I love you

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  • JUst remember going out to eat isn't necessarily about the meal, but about the company 🙂