Effects of Low Carb Diets

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Low Carb dieting, low carb diets, not eating carbs, cutting carbs, ketosis, going into ketosis, dietary ketosis, this is all covered in this video. We dive into why not eating carbs or doing a low carb diet can be beneficial but also very detrimental. A lot it depends on your somatotype and body type. Carbs initiate insulin which is necessary for muscle growth and carbs also help signal functioning to the thyroid gland. The thyroid releases T3 and reverse T3. These hormones regulate the metabolism. If T3 drops from low carbs, the metabolism can slow. The body thinks it may be in deficit. Also, insulin is the hormone of satiety. Having moderate carbs, the right carbs, at the right time can be good for hunger regulation and satiety. How to lose fat can be answered with a particular carb inclusive diet. Carbs can be good. Even aging and overweight people may need some carbs. There is much more happening in the body in terms of the CNS (central nervous system) and endocrine system (hormones) that kick calories in versus calories out philosophy.

  • EAT MORE FAT! gary taubes 

  • Great video 🙂 

  • I'd really appreciate an answer if you can help me. Can I reverse even in part the damage if I gradually increase My carb intake?

  • Shared!

  • Sorry, don't agree at all. What I've seen, felt, read and experienced says otherwise. KETO ROCKS!
    So many benefits of being in ketosis… it's been life changing and highly recommend it to people for many reasons.

    Clear headed, gets rid of migraines, weight loss, feel energized like a super saiyan, no acne, not bloated, not moody, improved memory and attention span, never had the energy for running, now I'm bored to death before I run out of steam… I could keep going on and on. Many others out there reaping the benefits of this lifestyle.

  • Just learned something, thanks for sharing

  • I eat a High Carb Diet and it is the healthiest diet if you eat a whole food diet without any junk like dairy or meat..

  • Please list your references for your comments on low carb diet !

  • Wish I'd watched this before I attempted low carb. In 12 weeks on a LC diet i damaged my thyroid & now have hypothyroidism & need to take synthetic T4 for the rest of my life.

  • so I was on low carb almost 2 years and my thyroid is in totally mess. I also cant lose weight as I did when I tried low carb for a first time. Iam depressed causw of that, I train a lot. Now I just begin running 8km everyday and iam still afraid of carbs. what to do? how to lose weight?

  • Just have a refeed every week with 1-3 carbs per pound of body weight and you can repeat the low carb with great results.

  • tip: you should always site "research says" or else its just bro science.

  • I have lost 45 pounds since March 2016. it is now July 2016. I eat LCHF and I swim regularly for 30 min 5-7 days a week. I hate sugar!

  • I googled about "fizy unique plan" & begun following this guide minutely. The result has been pretty awesome. You would be amazed to realize that I dropped around 9.5 pounds simply in a week.

  • Thanx for putting these things in perspective!

  • When it comes down to nature – it's not the fat or the carbs or the protein at all – it's the horrible way our food is produced today with GMOs and pesticides ….etc/ and when u add in the fact that the soils in America have been so depleted and therefore we miss certain nutrients we need – it worsens the problems – no dang wonder people are getting sick with disease and getting fatter – out bodies are trying desperately to fight the poisons off and at the same time hold on to whatever nutrition it DOES get and it does this by storing up the toxins in fat cells so that they can't harm vital organs – and nutrients are used up quickly because of stress – so really it's a whole cascade of modern day havoc on our systems!

  • If your diet were limited to 50 carbohydrates per day you could have a salad consisting of all these ingredients and amounts. In fact I eat this everyday
    One cup of baby spinach
    One cup of romaine lettuce
    One half of a lemon
    4 Spanish olives
    Three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar (zero carbs)
    6 black olives
    one table spoon of coconut oil (zero carbs)
    one serving of mushrooms
    one half of a baked beet
    one cup of sauerkraut on the side
    one cup of cucumber
    one tomato
    and one 1/4 cup of walnuts.
    Sometimes I add a side serving 1/2 cup of pumpkin with butter on top to make it total 53.8!!!!!
    Is this supposed to shut down your thyroid?

  • crap!!!

  • Not sure it's a matter of low carb as much as it's a matter of low calorie—just a hypothesis

  • If cutting the starchy garbage carbs wasn't the thing that helped with lipolysis, and it was only a matter of calories, then I should be able to eat all my calories from twinkies doritos and mountain dew and just cut the veggies and lean proteins.
    Problem solved, right bro?