Eating Fruit on a Low Carb Diet!

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Consult your doctor before starting any new diet or exercise program. Don’t feel discouraged if these methods do not work for you. We’re all different! Good luck! 🙂

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  • when counting carbs ive learned that its important to not go HAM on the fruit… it adds up fast boy!

  • Great video! And I 100% agree!! I am currently down 52 lbs in the last 6 months and I track my food as well as note changes on an actual wall calendar (in order to weigh myself to see how things I eat affect me) and I will agree that on the days I eat fruit my appetite increases and my desire to have something sweet in particular does also. That's why I try to limit it to maybe 3 times a month, if that…..Great video and please keep them coming! I LOVEEEEE your channel!!!

  • I recently discovered this channel 2 days ago and I love it. I have caught up on the videos that interest me. Keep them coming!

  • Wow she doesn't even start talking about the subject matter until 1:37 minutes into the video!!
    Right now it's summer time and I' ve been eating watermelon which is definitely impeding my ketosis eating plan, but oh well, I'll get back on it.

  • 👍vThanks for sharing, you're looking great! I need those curls in my life. Can you do a hair video please? 🤗

  • Do you have a vid that shows what you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner? If not please make one. I need ideas.

  • when u finish your journey with losing weight are u still gonna continue with your videos?

  • I've been eating the dole dippers as a treat they are so good

  • Those dole dippers are lit!

  • Berries are your best bet there the lowest but its good to have them earlier in the day when you can burn off the sugar or do a good workout and drink plenty of water afterwards!!!!

  • Do you have snapchat?

  • What are your plans for the channel once you reach your goal weight? So many stop making videos. I hope you don't. If this is a lifestyle I'm interested in seeing how you maintain, challenges, cooking, low carb recipes, etc. Fruit affects me the same way. It increases my craving for sugar and affects my blood sugar as well. I'm learning that it's not great in the morning and probably best on a carb refeed day. You gave a great explanation. Thanks!

  • low glycerin fruits only IF u r going to eat fruits or else it's a waste of carbs. another awesome video. Thx boo! I personally prefer no fruit while losing weight on low carb. I love sugar too much and fruit makes all MY cravings come on hardcore. but everyone is different. once in a blue moon doesn't seem to affect me as much.

  • I'm a little confused. Just started watching your videos, and started with one posted in November 2015. In that video, you stated that you are no longer going to eat low carb. Every video since then has been about eating low carb??

  • Hmmmhmmm, I lost 10 pounds! Your videos inspired me. I started July 1st. And I'm down 10 pounds. Also, when starting this lifestyle please ease yourself into. I ate low carb wraps the entire first week because I couldn't give up bread cold turkey. Also, I work out. I need to because I used to be a gym girl. Basically do what's best for you and use cupcake as a guide. So grateful I found your videos. Obsessed with you.

  • I used to eat a raw diet and it can have u losing like 10 lbs a week without exercise. I ate tons of fruits and veggies & the effect it has on your body is insane. I'd only need like 4–5 hours of sleep and would wake up super energized, i had energy throughout the day like i was moving in "fast forward" mode. I'd be peeing like crazy. It's great for your skin too. There are tons of effects others had like eye color change etc. Its just a bit expensive if u want to enjoy a large variety of stuff and its time consuming since nearly everything is homemade & dehydrated for hours/days. Anyhow, yeah don't worry about eating fruit, u can lose and still have like 1-2 servings a day

  • The music in the background distracts from your voice, just my opinion. I love your channel, great job with your healthy journey!

  • You are so hilarious! Love your videos and your tell it like it is personality.

  • It is really odd but at the grocery store I looked at the nutrition labels and Strawberries had the least amount of carbs per portion. I had been using raspberries but switched to strawberries and am doing much better. I put 3 in my smoothie and that is it for fruit!

  • You did a great job explaining. Berries are low carb but they are just a trigger for more sweet stuff . I just discovered your channel this was the first video I saw and I'm subbing 👍🏼

  • I'm tired of people bashing others over their diets. Not everything works for everyone. The raw vegans and fruitarians or what not need to leave this girl alone! I love her she inspires me and she clearly did very well so if you have comments that are not nice or your trying to convince her to do what works for YOU don't bother.

  • Thanks for the advice, your channel motivates me! 🙂

  • I'm on the Atkins diet and and you can only have 20 carbs per day. but i sooooo desperately want to add strawberries to my cottage cheese for a little flavor and sweetness their is only 0.9net carbs in strawberries i GOOGLED almost every fruit in the world and a strawberry has pretty much NO CARBS at 0.9 and all the rest do. 😭😠

  • You are so right I been in ketosis for two years and even strawberry that is low in carb if I consume still make me crave I stay away from it period.

  • i eat fruit on low carb but I ferment fruit for 2 to 3days then eat.

  • For me its tough to give up fruit. I do have the occasional date. So sweet.