Easy High Protein Bodybuilding Breakfast

Just a real quick easy breakfast that takes around 10 min in total for everything. Specific macros are:

555 calories, 53 protein 37 carbs and 18 fat

-3 extra large eggs
-1/2 cup oats
-1/4 cup fat free shredded cheese
-100g ham




  • Don't be put off by how it looks, I tried it and it tastes great!

  • I never new Tony Romo had a YouTube cooking channel 😍😍

  • Can we have a protein shake with it

  • good shit

  • Why the hell did this pop up in my suggested videos? Now I'm hungry. Wtf YouTube. Minus the oats add raisin English muffin.

  • This is nutritious? Plug this meal into chronometer and tell me how "nutritious" it is.

  • Oatmeal mixed with eggs? Lol wtf that has never crossed my mind

  • what is ham

  • How to increase my weight my body is to thin plz can u tell me ?

  • Can we have omelette in a tps of olive oil with 1 onion, 7 – 8 egg whites, pepper post workout?

  • Hey I Muslim and I can't eat pig meat can I use sheep or beef meat

  • The struggle when you're intermittent fasting and watching this lmao

  • Sprits a little soy sauce on this w/ a slice of toast 👍🏻

  • Tried this today and was amazingly good!!!

  • Is it good? Can I use it with Quaker Oats?

  • i gonna put at my butt this food

  • Will be trying this needed a new breakfast meal prep

  • If cheese is fat free, what the fuck is it made of?!

  • Is ham healthy when you are trying to get fit?

  • Looks good but the 20g of fat has to be off. 3 eggs are 15g, a quarter cup of cheese if 9g, plus however many grams for the ham.

  • I try to do that

  • What kind of bullshit non-video is this? 1.8 mil views for a shitty no brainer scramble?

  • people keeps saying that the meal looks disgusting, it looked just great for me