With in a 7 month period, I have lost 45lbs, due to healthy low carb/no red meat diet, and regular 5 day a week light cardio routine.
In 9 1/2 months I lost a total of 65lbs.

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  • how much did you lose? what's your sw, cw, gw? how long did you do this for?

  • I am very pleased to share the news, I lost more than 35 pounds as I did see here +Emilie Kesinger

  • what foods did you eat ?



  • what was the highest carb intake did you have a day for such a fast weight loss ? I read 50 carbs is the highest did you do that as well ? btw … good job on your weightless

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  • Well made video…. Great job :)…


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  • Whay do i have a boner ?

  • you look amazing.

  • No red meat? Did u just stick to chicken & veg?

  • what's a low carb diet?

  • Hey, what's the time gap between the before/after?
    How much carb/protein/fat did you eat each day?
    Great results btw! 🙂

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  • Go Alyssiiaaaaa giirrrlll…you look good!

  • how.long did you eat no carbs

  • Do you eat all fruit including grapes and quinoa?

  • I decided to do some research on the diet plan “fizy unique plan” (Google it) following a good friend explained to me about how much pounds she lost. I actually Googled it for myself when I got home. She did really well, she shed 13 pounds.

  • Yes I believe eating red meat on the regular is not healthy, due to its hard for your body to digest & clogs arteries at a higher rate.

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