Dr. Eric Westman’s Implementation Plan of Low Carb High Fat Eating

Dr. Westman simulates an introduction seminar for LCHF during the Central Coast Nutrition Conference.

  • Gee 30 mins. in it and you haven't said anything !

  • I am just starting this….my blood sugar is showing a great improvement!!  

  • I have eaten this way before, but not for more than 21 days (hcg diet)…but I really did lose weight and felt fantastic!

  • I remember French way of eating….there was a popular book about it in the past…

  • Good job. Eating LCHF has been the best change we've implemented for our well-being. 

  • Any chance I can get a copy of that handout? Particularly page 4 and 5!

  • One thing about salt and heart disease… In that insane environment where you can get sued for telling people the right thing it is only reasonable that good people like Dr Westman HAVE to tell you not to eat salt if you have heart disease… Chances are also that one factor for your condition is too LOW salt… So just try it out – you can eat as much salt as you want if you only follow all this great advice of going lowcarb. Guaranteed your constipation issues will improve if you have more salt, which will definitely help your heart and overall wellbeing as well. At least, that's my personal experience.

  • I love the Westman story – a physician educated by his patients on the value of low carb!

  • Irene Wood, you can buy the handout (patient booklet with page 4-5 referenced) on Amazon for under $5.00. Just search for "A Low Carbohydrate, Ketogenic Diet Manual: No Sugar, No Starch Diet" and it will pop up on Amazon.

  • I love this part at 51:45. "I kinda see these (artificial sweeteners) as "methadone maintenance" to get you off of sugar." Just great! 

  • This is AWESOME!!!!! Thank you SO MUCH!!!  I just ate 4 sticks of butter and feel GREAT!!!

  • I tuned out when he said you can eat artificial sweeteners

  • Sooo… When he says keto adaptation takes 1-2 weeks… yeah…
    In reality it takes average 5-6 weeks. Mine took about 6 before I felt no more side effects but it's also probably because I kept the same intensity of workouts and went cold turkey no carb.

    He is also COMPLETELY incorrect when he states we can eat as much protein as we want. This is a VERY well known biological fact that extra protein turns into glucose via liver function.. its called gluconeogenesis. Based on research you want to keep your protein intake at about 20% total cal.

    My advice, use MCT oil in the mornings, use intermittent fasting, and at the same time trickle down the carbs week by week.  MAKE SURE to greatly increase sodium intake and supplement heavily with electrolyte, magnesium and potassium. No joke.

    Otherwise you will get the keto flu for a day every 5-7 days.  
    After that… it is literally amazing what the body does.  If you have the will power I can't recommend the diet enough.

  • 110lb loss in 11 months doing this. Morbidly obese to abs with very little exercise. Dont wait do it.

  • You don't count..Dr Volek! I like Dr Westman for being humble and passionate about how we SHOULD be eating.

  • limit vegetables? have not heard that before. all others say to eat as much green leafy veges as you want

  • been on keto diet and excellent keto supp for 2 months and lost 18 lbs of fat. the good thing is when Ifall off diet the keto supplement brings me back into ketosis in less than 1 hour. Tested.. facebook.com/ketonesnow
    very impressed

  • Damn. audio's fucked up.

  • When it comes to eating healthy, you have to never fall victim to modern fad diet plans. Extreme diet plans undoubtedly are a danger for your health, especially ones that seriously restrict your daily nutritional intake. Many of these fad diet plans work for a short period of time and then the benefits decrease after a while. You should search Fenoboci Diet Plan on the google search engine since it is not just another fad diet where you starve yourself.

  • hey all, The best results that I have ever had was with Marks magic method (i found it on google) Without a doubt the most useful diet that I have ever tried.

  • Yes most likely anyone that ate high carbs/ sweets in excess  as I did before I started will get  bad with drawls from sugar. I jumped right in cut out everything almost didn't make it , but finally on the second week my Energy was amazing ! So I suggest to cut back slowly if you are a heavy sugar/carb user or you won't want to stay the course . Why I did cold turkey is I had a feeling I would use it as a crutch & never really go the extra mile to drop all sugar /carbs. A little over a year now & Happy I did it 🙂  Don't listen to that Sugar monster in your head – You don't need it LOL  Good seminar Dr. Westman !!

  • When I switched into ketosis a few years ago, my liver ALT went from 35 to an ALT of 13!! I also felt so happy, so high, bliss! Also it shredded body fat away.


  • I've been doing this diet strictly for almost two weeks, and haven't seen hardly any result. Drinking water as prescribed, eating the food directed and types of food. I'm not sure how people lose 100 pounds in  less than a year. I hope it kicks in soon or it's not worth the time and effort.

  • The audio on ALL these CCNC videos are very, very bad.. and IAm a very focused person… don't get distracted… but listening to this is a no… FYI Wholeness n Love ((-;

  • great job!!

  • My cooworker laughed when I told them I was going to lose fat with just using Fenoboci Diet Plan, but after I showed them amazing effects right after I used it they're begging me to share with them about it. Of course I won't tell them the detail about this diet plan, haha

  • So how do you know if your ketosis is really fat burning from your body or fat that you're eating?

  • If you are going to eat fried food, please fry it in beef tallow, or pork lard, or coconut oil. So-called 'vegetable oils' are highly processed, toxic and rancid- and deodorized so you can't smell how bad it is. http://www.Mercola.com is a great site for in-depth info on this, and other topics related to nutrition and health. (I have no affiliation with this site.)

  • Good Grief.. no fruits?? these are needed for immune system!! Starches turn to fat and make me sleepy. Refined sugar makes me stiff and worsens my arthiritis and fibro. !!! I don't agree with this Dr. at all

  • Dr Westman promotes the smallest total carbs i have seen 20g. no fruit AND no vegetables.

  • "Page 4" – foods to eat – are at about 22:40 to 41:55

  • As far as kidney problems for diabetics, there is a Dr. Bernstein on YouTube who is a type 1 diabetic and had kidney problems really bad and after this diet now he is in his late 70's and on top of that now his kidneys are that of a 20 year old.

  • Stocking up on sugar-free jello as he recommends only sustains the psychological dependence on sweets, not to mention the side-effects of artificial sweeteners -including glucose intolerance aka Diabetes. So then we get back to square one.

  • Yeah, I too am guilty of jumping through diet plan to others as well, I do believe that I need to have tested every single weight loss method that was available, but eventually not one of them helped me to reduce and maintain the weight off. I ended up trying for the very last time using the Fenoboci Diet Plan mainly because my mate who told me great things about it and so far to date I've successfully dropped 17 lbs within 4 weeks!

  • the reality docs and students have been trying to push this for years and the acedemics at meds schools cared less all those past docs debunked and treated like crap so sad but at the same time its finally getting to universities which is good and bad cause they like to squash anything that doesn't require medicine and more medicine

  • Can I get a copy of page 4?

  • Very informative. Thank you 😊

  • Can you fast on Cream?

  • Thank you thank you thank you!!! I want to broadcast this over every channel on TV so everyone is forced to watch it!!! My patients are not getting this advice from their doctors and I fear getting fired when I try to sneak them advice like this. People are just killing themselves with carbs and junk food!

  • I must interject…I have been on Low Carb high fat but also exercise a bit (not much..I swim) for heart exercise. As an RN, I now love this way of eating, but exercise helps keep the heart healthy, too..and vessels. Increases metabolism..builds muscle. So, this diet you may not have to exercise to lose weight, and my A1C is now normal..off my metaformin..but I exercise to keep my skin tighter as I lose weight, too. Thanks to many physicians now that "get it". Love this way of eating. Also, remember, Transfats are not good…Healthy fats are much better…Grass fed beef (I can afford now that I have dropped a zillion other foods that now I do not eat). organic as much as possible.

  • Dr. West man, thank you so much!
    I telling everyone in my community about Keto! As an africican american woman with metabolic issues this has been a God send.

  • lost 80 lbs, Ketogenic for over three years. Dr Westman had been a guiding light for me, Mahalo

  • Sugar free jello with what kind of sweetener?

  • so it's ok to have as mean diet drinks i want or i need to let them go cuz i love my diet Coke or other sodas that r diet

  • Does anybody know how to make turkey bacon? I thought I'd ask in a low carb gathering…

  • Anybody tried the Antinobotan Solution (search on google)? We've heard numerous amazing things about this popular weight loss method.