Does excess protein turn into sugar on a Ketogenic Diet? Keto confusion.

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Does excess protein turn into sugar? Is extra protein on a ketogenic diet something to fear? Tackling a frequently asked question that is , quite frankly, getting OLD.

Protein is NOT equal to sugar – excess protein has some amino acids which can be converted to glucose through a process that is energetically costly. A study done on individuals on a carbohydrate driven diet showed that eating 50g of protein results in about the same glucose production as drinking WATER.

Excessive protein will be oxidized for energy, but if you go over your requirements for protein by 20 grams that is NOT the same as eating 20grams of glucose – this is a myth that confuses many people.

More protein than .8g/lb of lean body weight does not increase muscle protein synthesis (muscle building), but eating a bit more fish to get more DHA into your body will not harm your ability to burn fat and get lean!

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  • if protein did not turn into sugar you would die its not a Myth if you eat like a Lion and your liver is depleted of Glycogen over a period of time and the body had absolutely no metabolic processes in place to make glucose your brain would shut down and your red blood cells would have zero fuel to function

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  • I think you need to research MPS (muscle proteinsynthesis), your muscles can absorb 0,4g of protein / kg of bodyweight per serving or meal…any more than that (to a certain extent obviously) will be used by other tissues like your brain, hair, nails, peptides, enzymes etc. This will be sufficient to activate MPS which will then be quite stable for 2-4 hours…this will be your next window of oppurtunity to take in 0,4g of protein / kg of bodyweight; I personally have 5 servings of protein. I personally spike insulin right after my workout; studies have proven that leucine + sugar = incredible insulin spike. Insulin will stimulate synthesis and muscle glycogenesis. These are just some of the different takes on bodybuilding. I do fast sometimes to let my body get used to burning fat as an energysource rather than mainly carbohydrates. The rest of the day I try to only eat complex carbohydrates with a low GI, so insulin wouldn't spike that much each and every meal. Also; GH is released in times of Fasting. So yes I use the exact same strategies to get shredded…but once I want to build up some size I just go right back to my standard 5 servings of protein/day and a lot of complex carbohydrates. Btw; Leucine, the other BCAA's, essential amino-acids are keypoints to look for…and all are ridiculously high in my whey protein powder. The total amount of protein is kind of a mistery if you ask me. Different studies show different outcomes. However, 2g of protein / kg of bodyweight (just under 1g / lb) is the most common result so I just stick to that. I think you have never heard of 'gluconeogenesis'? However, it seems that this process kicks in based on demand, not abundance of a nutriรซnt…but the demand is: low blood Sugar and being short on carbs…which you are. Your body can use all of the amino acids except lysine and leucine to make glucose. Research, not even once.

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  • bull shit … protein is glucose do ur research before u brainwash people

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  • I am having 10g of linseed oil with every meal of the day. Linseed oil contains lots of omega 3 fatty acids, much more than fish does. I like fish but I am currently eating mostly eggs, diary products and meat for my anabolic diet lean bulk, so with linseed oil my omega 3 needs are covered.

  • I have a question. i don t know why but when I eat chicken breast i lose weight .when i don t eat i do not loose weight can you explain to me . i m in very low carb diet high fat diet

  • Love your informative Vlogs. I have just started Ketolifestyle today. I am currently 140.5kg and these really gave me the push to start. thanks Keep up the great work.

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  • I have been doing keto since 1/7/2017, easing into the first week, then did Stephanie Keto Person 30 day challenge. Yes she is extreme, but followed what she said 90% for the month. She recommends 200g fat per day which I didn't do. 100-125 maybe per day. I think you are more balanced, although she says she has coached 3,000 people. I do monitor my glucose 3 times a day to see how my body is responding, since I have never done that. I lost 7 lbs so far. I am 5'3" and was 151.2 ( probably my scale is a little light) and now am at 144.0. Didn't have keto flu symtoms except a little muscle weakness walking up stairs for a day here and there. But I ate pretty healthy before. Just after menopause 3 years ago, I am 55 almost, nothing budged, so thought I would give this a try. So far liking it and will tweak now with carbs, and maybe more protein, but still not bringing in a lot of cheese, nuts, and caffeine, since I didn't miss it too much.


    <<Once your daily protein needs are met, your body has two options for dealing with any excess protein it encounters from your diet. If your calorie intake is low that day, your cells can convert excess amino acids to molecules that can burn as fuel. On the other hand, if you consume plenty of calories, your body has no choice but to convert the extra protein to fatty acids and store them in your adipose tissue. While building fat stores can be helpful from an evolutionary perspective, increasing your body fat may not be part of your current fitness plan.>>

    This is a question I have often thought about. Not sure how accurate or scientific this answer is but it sounds reasonable.

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  • best. study. ever. pubmed 23274906 : Dietary proteins contribute little to glucose production, even under optimal gluconeogenic conditions in healthy humans.

  • Been doing low carb for 3 year and have gained kilos.. Ive decided to up my protein and guess what, lost a kilo.. and i feel like 10 times better than eating more fat..would always wonder why i still have the 3 oclock low energy. after increasing protein i feel fucking excellent..

  • Ketone in your blood (or urine) mean that you are OXIDIZING FAT, which by definition MEANS you are losing weight!

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  • I'm doing the warrior fast with high protein when I break my fast…I'm about 50/50 protein to fat in terms of calories… also keeping calories in deficit since I have another 15 lbs to go in order to achieve my initial weight loss goal …

  • Dude, get the sun in front of you, not behind. it's making my screen foggy all the time. Other than that, I agree, gluconeogenisis is need driven, not volume driven.

  • I think its more about eating too much concentrated protein in one sitting. Too much protein does raise insulin, I taught this was well known. But it really doesn't matter if your in between meal times are longer an you burn that small accumulated filth via workout.

  • Hey, thanks for the info. Can I ask you what are your stats? Height, Weight, BF percentage?

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  • Again, thanks for your honesty, my take is that your body communicates with you.

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  • Yeah, I'm one of the people who do better only eating up to 1g / kg of lean body weight otherwise I don't do so great. However, I don't freak out or get all stressed if I do happen to go over the amount I set for maintaining my lean body mass by a little bit one day here or there – especially when some days I'm not as hungry and don't need to eat as much. This is good information ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for addressing this topic. So many people stressing about macros and grams. It isn't rocket science. Listening to your body is key, imho. Once you've been eating Keto for a little while, your body will feel different and you'll be more clear minded – makes taking good care of yourself a whole lot easier! ^.^ -55.5 lbs lighter and still truckin along. Keep up the informative videos! ๐Ÿ˜€

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