Discussing Low-Carb High-Fat Lifestyle After Shocking Blood Test Results (LCHF)

This video was requested by several subscribers: After nearly 4 months on a Low-carbohydrate, high-fat (keto / ketogenic) lifestyle, I had a full blood test done. The results were NOT what I was expecting…

I was attracted to LCHF because it is a low-inflammatory diet that is used by diabetics to keep insulin levels under control.

  • D D

    This morning I was looking into the Lectin Free Diet by Dr Steven Gundry. There are some similarities with the Keto Diet. I tried to do the Keto, but it's difficult when I have to cook regular meals for my husband, although it did work. Glad to hear you are feeling better. ';D

  • Great info Rick. Have you ruled out home baking (artisan no-knead type recipes are fun and easy) 100% whole and multi grain organics for a small percentage of total diet, and/or the gluten question? For the last 4 months I've made ALL my own bread, and also have upped from scratch beans/lentils (Curries!) at about 25% of diet – the rest being meat, veg, and fruits -with great weight loss, regularity, and well being results.

  • Dan

    Great news on regaining your energy. This has really got me thinking. My diet is not always very good and my energy levels are terrible sometimes. Definitely something I'd like to look into. Great video as always.

  • High Carb, Low Fat lifestyle was amazing for me. Sorry to hear it didn't work for you.

  • Great news for your mental well-being to  I'd imagine

  • Well, if it works for my cat… (lol)

  • 9lbs weight gain, no wonder you felt crap!!

  • i get sick when i have dairy products. no milk, cheese or eggs for me. i loved cheese and eggs but my body hates it. just shows how toxic dairy is.

  • Good job 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 plus the added benefit that your digestive system is doing great 💪🏻and you have your life back 😎

  • Great news. I'm glad it's working out for you in so many different ways.

  • Thanks Rick, I actually went from 300 lbs down to 267 in the last year, not on your diet. Problem is I stress eat and have had lots of stress this year, otherwise I'd be even lighter

  • LCHF works if you do it the right way. have read a lot about what people do with the intake of fat. believe many fixes to the word high fat. I do not eat more fat than before, but reading some ar eat more fat than before, they also have butter in the coffee, it is enough to skip carbohydrates.

  • the lethargic could be changing insulin levels and high fat is low fiber so 1 meal/day would fill you up and stabilize the insulin. ever notice how sluggish you feel after drinking a soda? big dump of insulin. myself i lost too much weight and even though all the blood test numbers are right down the middle and cholesterol is perfect the chest ct scan done this past january shows my arteries are plugging up fast with calcium deposits.

  • You keep saying high carb low fat instead of low carb high fat. :p

  • Haha the title of this video reminded me of those clickbait ads you see "A man near you in X made 3 million pounds a month after this SHOCKING diet tip that doctors don't want you to know about" 😂😝

  • I have done LCHF since I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. Before I started, my fasting glucose was horrific and my GP wanted to start me on insulin. But since startiing LCHF, my glucose is smack in the middle of normal, i have stopped taking 2 tablets, lost 3 stone, feel amazing and have a zest for life again. The only time I 'cheat' is when Im on holiday and at christmas.

  • my body doesnt like carbs and i love high fat food, ive tried the no carb thing before but i always struggled with my energy levels and being hungry all the time, its interesting to hear you say you get full up and have energy with high fat and low carb

  • Glad your numbers are good. Awhile ago you mentioned Butter Bob and I watched his videos and I have started the low carb h.f life style. If you like pizza try the low carb one where the crust is made with califluer..it is surprisingly good.

  • Great for you, but bad for the animals screaming in pain while they're being raped, confined, and slaughtered, and bad for the environment and the planet. I did Atkins years ago, the Paleo high fat low carb thing, and started getting chest pains after eating cream and butter. It's also unbelievably constipating. I did the high fruit vegan thing for 8 or so years and developed type 2 diabetes. Right now I'm doing a Gabriel Cousens/Hippocrates institute/ Gerson type of mostly raw vegan plan of vegetables, nuts and seeds and low carb fruits like peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini etc with some cooked vegetable soups with tofu, seems to be settling the blood sugar down without the side effect of a heart attack. I don't think it's wise to eat meat and cream long term, it leads to heart attack and stroke, and most people fall off the wagon eventually as they start missing carbs.

  • Had similar results myself. All my blood work improved dramatically after going on a keto diet.
    If you havent already, recommend getting a ketone meter like the Freestyle Optimum Neo.
    Much more accurate than the urine strips for measuring ketone levels.

  • I'm on a LCHF lifestyle, it helps keep my arthritis down. I melted away about 25-30 kilos, I'm not sure how much, because getting slimmer was not my goal, so I didn't weigh myself before I started on this lifestyle, and I still don't know how much I weigh, I'm just thinner than I used to be. I have more energy and best of all, pain free, I also sleep better, I'm doing this for the rest of my life!

  • Thank you for the inspiration and the reminder Rick, I need to do this, we have bought Robb Wolf's latest book, Wired to Eat, that recommends a palaeo style low carb high fat diet, with ketogenic features if you have digestive issues as I do. He also recommends doing blood work and even monitoring your blood sugar if you are struggling with which carbs you can tolerate. I am going to look for the blood works folks you used and get the full tests done before and after.

  • Well done rik, ignore all the pro vegan comments, their argument is destroyed by two things 1. There are zero essential carbs 2. Vegans HAVE to supplement in order to be healthy…. that is all anybody needs to know. The current science in relation to lchf is breathtaking.

  • Great great great. I am also on keto diet 4 months now. Congrats

  • I checked out Butter Bob after you mentioned him. I figured I'd give it a try. I cut out carbs & sugary shit & went high fat. I also cut down on the booze. Also did the 24 hr fasting every few days. Within days the bloating had gone. Within 2 weeks I had lost nearly a stone & felt great. I also fell off the wagon (after 2 weeks lol) due to social commitments but I know this works for me so I'm going straight back on it.
    Cheers for the tip. Much appreciated👍🏻

  • A NATURAL human diet, before humans set down mass societies, were Low Carbohydrate…HIGH Protein/Fat based daily sustenance. We humans are "Omnivores". 30,000 years ago Humans ate Carbohydrates in the form of fruits and grains as a supplemental increase in body fats, that were need to survive the Winter months. Eskimo's and Aboriginal peoples to this day still follow this NATURAL diet. Carry on Rick…carry on mate!

  • Rick,
    What I think is IMPORTANT for people that have been brainwashed into believing that "Fat" is bad in your diet, NEED to know; there is "Dietary Fat" and then there is "Manufactured Fat". In order for a person to have "Good Blood Chemistry"…."Dietary Fat" is VERY IMPORTANT. The ONLY "Fat" you should avoid is "Manufactured Fat"! The human body converts and synthesizes "Dietary Fat" into "Cholesterol"…etc.; good "Cholesterol" is necessary for proper cell membrane protein integrity and viscosity of the "Blood Serum", thus proper Blood Pressure.

  • Beautiful day, wish I was there! Enjoyed the ride! Good news about the low carb/high fat lifestyle! Glad to hear it!

  • meals please?

  • I went off gluten and found similar results! I wonder if it's the gluten in the foods you indulged in that cause the digestive problems.

  • DOOOOOD……………….

  • Hi Rick thank you for this. I am not feeling well myself and am going to look into this. Would you be willing to do a video on your daily eating habits, like what you eat in a day? I will look on your channel also to see if maybe you already did a video on this. Thanks again for sharing and well done.

  • It is mostly low carb hi protein.  I tried it, did not work for me.  There is a myth about eating meat and fat.  The reason your numbers leveled off is this:  If you deny yourself cholesterol you body will start making it and it makes too much.  thus you have high cholesterol.  Now if you give your body the cholesterol it needs your numbers level off.  Whenever my numbers go high I eat lots of eggs and meat then they go down.

    I worked in a blood lab so I know what I am talking about I was tested to see if this works.  Just google  "the truth about cholesterol"

  • Hi Rick, I recognised a lot of myself in this video, and thought it might be worth a try. But because of the high amount of prescribed medicines that I am on including high morphine doses, I asked my doctor about it before trying it myself. I have been advised not to do this because of the effects of the medicines and the stress the change of diet would put on my system. I am sad that I can not try this but thought I would tell you about this in case anyone that contacts you is in the same boat as me.

  • Like to see a video on what you eat in a day Rick, would be very interesting.

  • The village was "Barnsley"

  • Very interesting results Rick. I may have to look into this myself any idea where to find some info about this

  • Very good!  Here's how to remember:  Hdl=happy  Ldl=lousy     🙂

  • Way to go! I've lost about 100lbs with lchf. I plan to eat this way for the rest of my life.

  • I'm a diabetic and have been on LCHF lifestyle for over 2 years, bread and grains had exactly the same effect. Try dutch crispbakes Rick . They are less than 6 carbs and don't have any effect on my own sugars. Great bread substitute with soup or toppings . Worth a try,as they help me feel full but great.

  • Thank you Rick

  • What a beautiful drive! Thanks for bringing us along. For years I suffered with extreme stomach/digestion issues. Now that I am LCHF my symptoms have all but disappeared.

  • I'm so happy you've found the right combination for your body 🙂