Day 186: Weigh In | Love These Low Carb Tortillas

Day 186: Weigh In | Love These Low Carb Tortillas

Day 186 of my journey to get healthy and lose weight. Been super busy and didn’t do a video yesterday on Monday weigh in day, so here it is. I’ll give you a hint…down a little more. 🙂 My daughter is back on low carb…yeah! I just love these low carb tortillas by Mission Carb Balance. Only 4 net carbs for the whole wheat soft taco. Watch today’s video update to check out my progress.

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  • Hi Marlo congrats on your loss.

  • congrats on your loss!! your lunches sound good! need to keep an eye out for the wraps

  • 2 tips I've done with these wraps.
    1- Pizza – 2 tbs of pizza sauce spread thinly add motz cheese pepperoni bake@ 400f for 11minutes middle rack. delicious!!
    2- Tortilla chips – cut up like an 8 cut pizza put on bake sheet bake at 350f for 11minutes. Great for dip in cheese, use as a cracker with cheese of choice or spread peanut butter on.

  • I tried to go to the link posted about the ketone drink you use….it will not load. can you tell me more about it. I also liked tour Facebook page so you can send pm if you'd like to….thank you

  • Great video! I just subscribed and thank you for mentioning about these tortillas and the various ways you can use them. I went off Keto months ago b/c I was missing tortillas and bread & I just could not tolerate the homemade coconut/almond flour versions that are online. This will be so much easier and tastier > Thank you! 😉

  • Adid u gain weight on these? I ordered mine from Amazon and gained weight,!

  • Just tried these yesterday. Absolutely awful for tacos. Taste like what cardboard must taste like.