“DATE NIGHT” How To Cook a Healthy Low Carb Dinner FAST And Easy!!! (Big Brandon Carter)

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Spinach Maca Apple Smoothie

  • Hey man just cooked a batch of the egg bacon muffins (I used real bacon and kale) I'm a kitchen newb idea wise. If you could hook up some more cooking videos that would be awesome.

  • this guys is alright,,funny as shit

  • LMFAO!!! u put the salmon in the microwave! I feel u though

  • fiscally conservative LOL

  • can you make more videos on making these quick healthy meals?

  • salmon skin is the tastiest! I'm skipping the paper plate.

  • My niggguh -_^

  • That one piece looked kinda raw on the side. 

  • oven or pan with olive oil just not the fucking microwave 🙂

  • Where you buy the sazon?

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  • This is the worst "healthy" meal I have ever seen. Not one thing is healthy after he touched it. Microwave? Ehhhnt!! Heating olive oil?..bad, coconut oil only for heat, I know you have some. Sprite zero? Hell no, chemical soup is what that is. Read up on the stuff you are eating man.

  • I'm gonna whip this up for me an my girl big up yaself bbc!

  • Hilarious! But quick and healthy!

  • haha I cook everything in the microwave. I'll def be trying this!

  • Will give this a shot but veggies in the microwave are a no go.  Put a little water in a pot with a metal strainer over it and steam them.  High heat kills all those nutrients that the freezing keeps.  That's exactly why you see ascorbic acid and vitamin C added back into orange juice.  They heat it up to preserve it and destroy the nutrients.

  • Fiscally Conservative Lol! Thats what im saying 🙂

  • I don't really like nuking my food but a George foreman do magic for cooking with the quickness

  • love that video man great work 🙂

  • That meal was trash. The ingredients were fine but the process was terrible. I would never make it like that lol

  • how often do you drink whenever you do when trying to stay lean?

  • I know what Lawry's is, but I prefer another brand of seasoned salt.

  • Lol no way 45 secs was enough to thoroughly cook that salmon. Cool video for young guys wanting to whip up a quick meal though