CrossFit Weightloss Transformation | Low Carb Diet – Part2

Part-2: Going from 250lbs to 225lbs
Catch up with Part 1:

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  • Nice topic… I had to stop doing everything to pay close attention to this vlog. Thank you for delivering another good segment. More power!!!

  • I look forward to the part3 of your transformation!!

  • Hey man! Great vid! I'm on my weight loss journey too but I don't have time in the morning to do fasted cardio because I woke at 5am. Is there any benefits to doing fasted cardio? I normally walk 2-3 miles after crossfit in the afternoon

  • Hi Rob. I would just like to know if i'm on the right track here. So basically when you do the carb nite solution you should work out your bmr, and then calculate your calories using the keto ratios (75%F,20%P,5%C) and then eat keto for 9 days and on the 10th day have the carb nite? Then every 6 or 7 days you can have a carb nite again until you reach your desired weight?

  • hey rob, my maintainance is 2.6k calories, currently i m eating at 2.4k by creating 200 calories deficit daily, but one thing is i m a serious carb lover so i chose to do high carb kow fat diet and i always like to snack before bed hence i would save up some calories and had my last meal ard 11.30pm, does that spike my insulin, and is it gonna be possible for me to get lean using this diet?

  • Thx for the info on pre work out and bcca. Never thought of it.

  • Crazy transformation😜also what do you think about taking preworkouts while cutting/bulking on RP diet want to try that yea buddy sounds great 👍

  • awesome video! look forward to part 3!

  • new subscriber here! great vids man! i have started my journey i have gone from 298 to 277 as of today its been about 2 months, i haven't done the keto diet but im very interested going to buy the book!

  • i thought keto was high fat, moderate protein and low carb. i read that to much protein will be converted to glucose and knock you put of keto.

  • Dude this is a bomb a** transformation, I really enjoyed your description of everything, subscribed!

  • Made me realise just how big I was at 15 I'm 16 now and I in under the past year lost very close to 100lbs and past 5months other than past 2weeks was bulking, July 1st is 1 year date

  • How come u do cross fit not not so much 'the gym lad' life style? Another youtuber done this when he lost a lot of weight, me personals wanna build a lot of muscle so I have a high maintenance

  • hey I have. 48 inch stomach and I'm trying to bring it down for the Navy to 38. any helpful tips?