Clean Bulking – How To Gain Muscle without Getting Fat

Diet tips for building muscle while keeping bodyfat low.

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The main purpose of bodybuilding for most guys is to gain muscular bodyweight. However, during the process of bulking up and trying to build muscle one common problem that often comes up is guys end up gaining too much bodyfat in the process.

When you get fat from bulking it’s usually because you are trying to gain weight too quickly by eating as much food as you can slam into your stomach and doing as little activity as possible, with the exception of your weight training workouts.

But a better approach for “clean bulking” is to treat your bulking program with the same mentality that you would a fat loss cutting program, but the only difference is that you’re going to be in a slight caloric surplus for growth.

When people cut for fat loss, especially competitive bodybuilders, they are very meticulous with following a strict regime of training, nutrition, and lifestyle. They are consistent with their workouts, consistent with their cardio, and they are eating their preplanned meals like clock work. And that’s why among all dieters – competitive bodybuilders are by far the most successful in getting results.

If you take that same approach to your bulking program you can make lean muscle gains and keep the bodyfat gains to a minimum. So pre plan your meals in advance and stick to a strict eating schedule, no more of this “see food eat food” dirty bulking.

Keep consistent with your weight training workouts and include cardio as part of your bulking program. One of the biggest mistakes that bodybuilders make is avoiding cardio while bulking.
But doing moderate cardio can help you make leaner gains and speed up your recovery from weight training. Cardio will make you feel better, you’ll have more energy, and you’ll be a lot healthier overall as well.

If you would like more help with following a clean bulking bodybuilding program, than I recommend that you download my Free Bodybuilding e-Book called “The 3 Keys To Building Muscle” at:

  • Nice to see you uploading again

  • Is gaining a pound a week acceptable for a clean bulk or would you recommend gaining at a slower rate… half a pound per week, for example?

  • Lee what is that Powertec machine? I have the Powertec rack, workbench and a bunch of the attachments but I don't think I've seen that before? Shoulder press? Great vid btw.

  • How would i work out the number of calories i need to maintain? In order to then work out my surplus. Thanks for the great video lee!

  • Awesome video thanks Lee!

  • Bulking from 180 to 200 at the same bf means that trenning program requires some serious determination, anavar giving up, also eating very clen.

  • Really good video and a lot of good advice. My problem is I don't know from a nutrition point of view what foods to eat (and when). Can you give a beginners meal plan example for someone on say 3000 calories a day for maintenance?

  • The one channel telling you the exacting truth.
    It's unfortunate other channels are so heavily promoted.
    If the people at google gave a shit they would have made you the biggest channel regardless of production showmanship.

    You watch a Lee video and it's scientific synopsis that will help you progress.
    Channels claiming the same are selling a fantasy as a theoretical reality that nobody achieves naturally.

  • You seem humble,I like that

  • Hey Lee. ..have been on a strict regiment of 6 meals a day,workout every morning…no stop for last 4 months. .how about taking a break? Does it body is fatigued ..pls suggest. ..

  • Lee, my man…. I have a question. Concerning my squats,I have a really hard problem holding the bar when I step to it..Almost like my hands wont go back far enough after I get under it… Been searching youtube for the answer,I hope you can help me out…Im 47 and Im focusing on my fitness on a high level.. I also have put together my own home gym,so all your answers will be highly appreciated…Ty in advance..

  • Lee, great insight as always. I am glad you brought this topic up, I am currently in this "clean bulking" phase…just kind of testing it out. I've been through the bulking phase, I've been through the cutting phase, now I'd like to try a clean bulk. I've been eating Brown Rice and Sweet Potatoes more than I usually do and I've also incorporated seeds in my diet since they work better for me than nuts.

  • Please may we have a home gym tour?

  • Very great point about same BF and more fat 🙂 Slight caloric surplus and proper nutrition are so key to lean bulk! Great advice!

  • Hi lee
    I was wondering why sometimes after a heavy workout session I get the shakes in my hands and arms. It only happens sometimes but is this dangerous.

  • Does it matter what type of carbs you eat or as long as you hit your macros it's good

  • Hey Lee on my right top side of forearm just below elbow my muscle feels really sore. When I grip something and try to left is like the strength goes out. Why would this happen and how can I remedy this problem. Thank you. Chris Samaro from San Bernardino, CA

  • While cutting, what's a good caloric deficit to keep muscle loss at an absolute minimum?

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    Nice powertec equipment. I have their power rack and I've been a big fan of it.

  • The one thing I'm never clear on is: When you say, for instance, a 500-calorie surplus, or deficit, that's 500 calories above or below what starting point? I know about the online calorie estimators, where you plug in this and that and they tell you how many calories you supposedly burn in a day — which would be your baseline. But those are all just estimates. They don't really know what your metabolism is truly like or precisely how intense your workouts are. So how do you know your baseline TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) from which to add — or subtract — those 500 calories?

    And by the way, would you ever get to a point where you try to aim for your TDEE calories without any surplus or deficit — just to maintain?

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  • I've been following your advice for years. and let me tell you it all works especially rotator cuff tips you gave help me more than you can imagine. I hit a brick wall.. I have AFIB /cardiomyopathy do you know of anyone that has it an how there training with it.

  • I weigh 140 pounds barely have fat, I think I don't eat much food could I still gain muscle?

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