Chris Froomes Low Carb Diet

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  • just a heads up Harley,

    I recently went to a nutritional workshop for amateurs given by Nigel Mitchell and I can assure you he ain't advocating a low carb diet…quite the contrary in fact. He placed great emphasis on the importance of proper fueling from both a meat eater and vegan perspective.

    I can tell you that his advice has been effective for me at least. I've dropped approx 6 kg slowly since November by changing my dietary lifestyle. I feel much better in myself and a more confident cyclist. also I East very little meat as a result of his advice.


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  • and all this time I thought Bonking was sexuall man was I wrong although it does involve hitting the wall

  • why would you say thanks for influencing someone to go vegan and ride a bicycle?? it's not like he was appreciative of it he just said you influenced him. fucking vegans think they're some fucking important go fuck yourself you ugly cunt. or no better go fuck your ugly cunt with you bananas haha haha

  • Cleared few things up for me cheers

  • The EASIEST way to keep the competition away is to recommend a low carb diet 🙂 Done!

  • So let me get this straight.

    A pile of nutritionist recommend a low carb diet and you respond with "They're all wrong"

    A large number of scientists/biochemists recommend a low carb diet and you respond with "They're all wrong"

    Chris Froome takes a fucking picture of his low-carb breakfast, and then proceeds to drop you like a bad habit on a hill climb, and still you repeat the mantra "They're all wrong".

    When are you going to get a clue?

  • I'm sure Froome will appreciate your advice. Like some gobby nobody telling a TdF winner how to eat…ffs

  • Word up!

  • LOL!!!

  • Some times especially when you are not at the end of a a peaking period as Chris Froom is now you can create what i call a toxic environment in your body so that your body adapts to it. This is done in many ways. examples reducing oxygen to your muscles, going to extremes of cold or heat, reducing nutrients such as carbohydrates. im not sure of the exact mechanisms of adaptation but its probably a safe bet that genes are switched on and off to alter the way cells work. Or simply providing a stimulus to increase mitochondrial proliferation or angiogenesis. At a guess he is probably trying to make his body more efficient at burning fat. I think it is too soon for him to lose weight but he will ensure he doesnt pile on pounds muscle (can be hard to lose again).

  • I think the reason for this one high fat meal is linked to try and upregulate PGC1alpha, as theres research showing that training with low carbohydrate can enhance markers of training , such as increased fat oxidation with the hope of sparing glycogen. i think James Morton is Team Skys nutritionist now, hes done a lot of research on this area and he's thin ;). Like you say carbs are what you need , this is them trying to get a few % .

  • First I would like to say that not everyone is interested in being lean, even Bradley Wiggins is putting up weight on purpose because he doesn't have to race the tour. Second, a nutritionist doesn't have to follow the recommendations he makes to professional athletes, because he is not one. Lastly, being an extremist is an easy way to attract attention, it certainly sound more interesting to say "carb the fuck up, forget protein" or "stay away from carbs, protein the fuck up" than to say, "eat a bit of everything and adjust your diet to your needs", that's boring, who wants to hear that?

  • This funny as Hell a Troll calling Chris Froome out for trolling. There the pot calling the kettle black.

  • As best as I can make out Chris is employing a low carb diet during training so that he is maximising his keto-adaption.  On these days he is not trying for PBs but is trying to improve his ketosis processing ability.   As you said, if you bonk youre struggling to put out 100W because you have not trained in that other regime.  I doubt that is the case for Chris who, as a professional, ensures he is maximising both systems.  Im sure when he races his glycogen reserves are maxed out (which really isn't that much as reserves go) but if for whatever reason he runs out of glycogen reserves his back up keto system will be sufficiently well developed so that he doesn't bonk.

  • Here is another ride doing a climb

    3 Days of eating low carb high fat and………..
    Whats that 300watts average bottom to summit on a 30 minute climb???? cant be?? because you said it is impossible to make 'a' 'da watts on fat ?????

    Like I keep saying I am not a good climber, but I am just showing that you can make exactly the same watts in KETOSIS…

    After 3 days of low carb I am still not fully ketogenic that will come within the next few days… after this ride my Blood Ketones were 0.5 mmol/l this is only partial ketosis….

    All I am saying is every VIdjayo you make on the topic is dead wrong !!!! totally without fact !!!!






  • maybe froome is was cutting down a bit too quickly this year as it's only February I saw clips of him herald sun tour and looks a lot leaner than this time last year going to andalusia so he might be putting a pound or two back on so he doesn't peak too soon but maybe it's just me, he wasn't super lean when he won andalusia last year.

  • If you can keep up with the pros, why don't you become one?

  • I am drinking Weight loss green store Tea before my every meal as recommended. Besides the really pleasant and smooth taste, I noticed that this Tea fixes my bowel problem, so constipation doesn't bother me any more. I've lost 8 lb gives me great energy no need for energy drinks anymore. Thanks Weight loss green store

  • Giving advice to TdF winner is always a good idea! xD Mix him some EPO juice instead!

  • I am rather sure that was not meant as a pre-race breakfast. In theory this kind of diet should train your body to be able to run (ride in this case) on fatty acids oxidation (+ "train" your glucose neogenesis capacity as well). In other theory it is supposed to increase your body's glycogen storage capacity. That or something similar was likely its purpose.

  • Acclimating to burning fat is gonna prevent bonking … only running on sugar causes you to bonk when it is all gone. A Ohio State University study said endurance athletes burning fat expend as much peak energy as those burning sugar, and their peak energy expenditure lasts longer without refueling. Again this is regarding endurance athletes; sprinters weightlifters etc, run more efficiently on sugar.

  • eating over 2 pounds of potatoes while watching this 😆 woo! 🙌

  • eating over 2 pounds of potatoes while watching this 😆 woo! 🙌

  • durian rider can you help me get lean man on my bike help me I'll pay if I have 2 ??

  • this remoinds mey of a coicling magazoine…. fucking aussies XD

  • meat the fuck up

  • Lighten up dude you really think top pro cyclists are going to reveal their training and nutritional secrets to the world lol it's common to train on low carb diet , they wouldn't race on low carb diet though . So his nutritionalist is over weight ? So fucking what that doesn't mean they don't know what they are talking about . Not everyone is anorexic not everyone likes the look of being lean . Get a grip

  • DR – the caffeine you refer to is actually a Japanese product called Yakut, it's a probiotic drink made from diary. Very popular in East Asia.

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  • If hes eating that it doesnt mean hes going to trie to smash it afterwards.. stop crieing. Dont know these thing wery well but bodie can get realy efficient.. compared to average person. Some noob may have to eat a ton but some trained athleat may need much les.