CarbLoaded: A Culture Dying to Eat (International Subtitles Version)

Subtitles Languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish (more coming)
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The film traces the origins of our beliefs about healthful and unhealthful food. Experts from all over the world talk about the problems as well as short and long term solutions. Among the many experts in the film are authors like Gary Taubes, Mark Sisson, and Melanie Warner. Medical doctors such as David Perlmutter M.D., David L. Katz, and Timothy Noakes share insights that are certain to challenge the status quo.

Carb-Loaded: A Culture Dying to Eat is a chronicle of the things it’s writer and director Lathe Poland learned after he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. He sought to find out why he got sick, because he didn’t fit the classic picture of an adult onset diabetes sufferer. He quickly learned that much of what he knew about healthy eating was based on myths or fifty year old science. In the film he searches out why Americas modern food culture is killing us. The upside? There is a lot that can be done!

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  • you should wrote…A CULTURE EATYING TO DIE

  • Watching this while cleaning out the fridge๐Ÿ˜

  • One thing I'm realizing is that people pay attention to drugs and alcohol which are serious addictions but they don't realize food itself is a addiction and it's hard to change how little and what kind u eat

  • I hate McDonald's it's just disgusting food I have only eaten it 4 times in 13 years

  • It is my 7th day of intermittent fasting and for reasons I don't understand yet my craving for junk food, sodas and even my fave chocolate has dramatically decreased to the point of nonexistent. ๐Ÿ™…๐ŸปI crave for real food now. I crave for fresh food. I have more energy. I stopped constipating and I lost 2 pounds!

  • you forgot about Alaska and Hawaii in 5:35

  • 4:05 Almost as revolting as drinking Coke. Almost as revolting as watching someone drinking coke.

  • Who came here from the pe teacher? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ I did ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • but freelee tho

  • Any Ramirez Wolfs doing last minute homework on the Say Mean Matter paper?

  • Not going to lie but I'm eating ice cream๐Ÿ˜

  • I started watching this, then I went and got Subway.

  • sugar and grains are the only problem… duh….. not saying GMO and preservatives are good. But they arnt causing diabetes and obesity…. ITS SUGAR, and grains dont help

  • Man I miss Fathead.

  • I just started Keto ,I'm not stopping

  • I was shocked to see SO MANY things I thought were healthy, were, in fact, spiking my insulin. I started a channel to teach ppl how to cook carb free recipes! I find the hardest part of staying healthy is finding ways to cook without carbohydrates.

  • These obese people are eating 2 much. Period

  • ้žๅธธๆฃ’็š„ไธ€้ƒจๅฝฑ็‰‡~ๆ„Ÿ่ฌ็ฟป่ญฏ๏ผ

  • Well not only by carbs you can get fat, but most people are fat because theyre eating too many carbs

  • i hate that doctors recommend high carb diets for diabetes

  • So South Park was right. I thought it was a joke.

  • The host look like Emoji

  • 24:00 I soooo know that feeling

  • They talk about firefighters, youtube shows a movie trailer for a firefighter movie. Well played.

  • I'm trying to stay off processed food and deep fried food, and eating less white rice, white bread. It's hard, especially since I've always ate white bread and rice because that's what my parents put on the table. It's so fluffy and sweet in your mouth. There's so many ways to eat them too.

  • A very interesting documentation. I mostly banned junk food and soft drinks and go to the gym 3-4 hours a week and I lost weight and plan to go on. I feel much better now.

  • Dr. John McDougall please respond to this documentary.

  • Cut the fructose and added sugar, eat nuts and 85 – 99% choclate (they fill you up really quickly and taste awesome).

    I exercise to be strong and look good (I want a lovely, firm ass lol). My weight now takes care of itself. The fat literally melted off.

    Oh, and I eat Soylent.

    We also have to face we can't feed an ever growing population with feel good organic foods, so healthy processed food should be the future, along with things like vertical farming.

  • eating lowfat highcarb saved my life, but that doesnt mean drink soda and high sugar

  • Great vid

  • I love how it's a doctor who is being taught about health in the video haha

  • Have to disagree with the kids marketing bit. Kids have no purchasing power, parents have the final call about what to feed kids. Parents, take responsibility for your kids and don't blame "big food" for your carelessness.

  • Thanks for the video. Very informative! I have stopped giving my child what she likes but I give her what she needs. We stopped watching tv too. I monitor what she watches and what she eats. I started cooking from scratch again. I give my family fresh fruits, fresh veggies and fresh meat. I threw away all processed food in our house. It has been a month now and my family have lost 20lbs!

  • Film: "Did you take that left back there?" Me : " . . . Wait, did he?" rewinds to check

  • Very very well-produced. Why dont it get so many views?

  • basically avoid anything human created/manufactured.

  • Isn't HFCS like 52% fructose compared to sugar's 50%? That doesn't sound that much worse

  • I really dont understand how we can keep being fed such garbage foods with all this knowledge its obvious the foods at the store are not good for us and its pretty hard to look at any food at the store and know what even half the ingredients are

  • I also had no family history of diabetes. At age 47, I found out I was T2. I kept lowering calories, cutting out fat like "the experts" kept telling us and getting sicker, gaining more weight.

    I've been low carb going on four years now. After the first year, I brought my A1C's from 7.9 to 5.0 and was taken off of my diabetic medications.

    Three years later, on zero medication and A1C's are 4.9. Four years sugar free, grain free, no processed foods and no fruit other than berries on occasion. I feel better at age 51 than I did at age 40.

  • I think the problem is processed food consumption NOT carb consumption. You can eat pure vegan but eat whole foods. Or eat paleo but eat whole foods and you will be healthy either way. Carbs have always been there, it's good quality.

  • KETO + I.F. = The Fountain of Youth.

  • Such a nice couple…

  • Where are the subtitles offered? I want to share the video with non-English speakers.
    I have done nutrition courses and I also have read some of the books that are mentioned on this video. What I think is that when choosing carbs, we have to have a look at the GI = how it is digested in our body, so opting for those with low GI because they do not produce peaks and falls in your blood sugar. Processed food should be avoided because of the content of sugar, salt and who knows what more. No to speak about sugary foods and drinks! One treat now and then, whereas the drinks can be avoided totally.
    I agree with the fact that there pyramid is wrong, that people are eating mindlessly and eating too much processed food. Amazing hoe many extra calories they add every day through croissants, dounughts, pastries, pasties… People are eating but being hungry all the time, that's because they haven't ingested the good nutrients. It happend to me that after eating something that had lots of calories for example an icecream I felt hungry really quickly.

    In order to be able to follow a healthy diet you have to get to love what you choose to eat and eat mindfully! Improve your relationship with food. Learn to cook healtily.
    Pizza is something that we should eat rarely because of the high everything that it has, however people are eating it really often, no to speak about the doughnuts!
    For me, it is what carb you choose, how you cook them and how much per day. I agree that excess must damage the pancreas and liver.

    I agree with one of the comments saying that parents have a big responsability in educating children to eat healthily. I am doing so and it is working amazingly. After my own experience I have to say that eating is habit! You teach good habits or bad habits. Sadly if you do not do your job well your children will suffer as adults, and you don't want that!

  • I mostly agree, except the "we need to forbid marketing to children". No we don't need more laws. The solution to corporations in your life is not more government in your life.

    If your kids are influenced by TV ads, then that is a sign of another problem, which is they are watching way to much TV. TV is a major contributor to autism and a general producer of low IQ. The dirty secret of children watching TV is that parents use TV to anesthetize their kids to get them to be quiet.

    What your kids watch, what your kids eat, who they associate with, their education, etc. Its about responsible parenting. If you care about your kids, you will do it. If your kids are a tax deduction, or a child support or welfare check, then you aren't going to care.

  • Delighted to see a good food documentary! Last one I saw was "What the food" on netflix, and it was absolutely retarded! This message however, I will gladly buy into ๐Ÿ™‚ Good job!

  • GREAT VIDEO !!! KETO and Intermittent fasting is the answer. If nothing else, go low carb and no SUGAR !!!

  • Hmm.ย  Not a word about how animal fat in our muscle cells preventing our insulin receptors from opening (and so not being able to utilize our natural insulin in order to process glucose) as the main cause of type II Diabetes… Has Dr Neal Barnard lied to me?

  • Carbs & sugar is a co-contributor to diabetes, but another contributor is the chlorine in tap water (not to mention it's the culprit of all kinds of cancers), which will affect your health even when you just use it to shower, so I suggest redesigning the water distribution system to remove chlorine.

  • If it's man made don't eat it. If nature made it, it's food. This doesn't mean you can eat sugar or drink fruit juice even though they're natural. They're processed food because the fiber has been removed. You have to eat it as it is in its natural state. The more you cook it the easier it is to digest it so you're processing it. Steamed vegetables, raw fruit, natural fats and animals are what humans evolved from eating.
    If you only eat animals you'll make yourself insulin resistant because your electrolytes will become depleted and your body will produce more insulin to hold onto electrolytes. Potassium and sodium is required to operate the pumps the send nutrition into the cells. So don't skimp on the veggies.
    Don't eat more than 20% of your calories from protein or you'll dramatically increase cancer growth. Lean protein is not a good idea. Eat the fat to. Fat helps some vitamins get absorbed and every cell in the body needs and produces cholesterol.
    Eat less to lose weight and eat a little more for performance improvements.
    Only eat once a day to lose weight. Your growth hormones are most effective in the absence of insulin. Stored fat is relied upon between meals so increase this dependency.

  • Great video! Get ripped. Get healthy.