Carb Secrets For Fast Weight Gain And Muscle Building

– To gain weight fast and build muscle, consuming carbohydrates are critically important if you’re too skinny. For mass building to gain weight, here are some carb secrets you must know!

If you’re on a quest to gain weight fast, then the dieter’s worst enemy can prove to be the skinny guy’s best friend. You see, carbohydrate consumption has been demonized in recent years when it comes to gaining weight — the wrong kind of weight gain — as carbs do affect how the body converts food into energy, muscle, or body fat. However, those looking for a means of fast weight gain can find a lot of value in using their carb intake the right way to gain weight.

For example, for the average person, consuming carbohydrates helps prevent muscle from being broken down and robbed for energy. But this is an even bigger concern for those with an ectomorph body type, commonly referred to as “hardgainers”. With all the hard work that goes into gaining weight, the last thing you want to see is the muscle mass you’ve built up take a nosedive due to inadequate carbohydrate intake.

The key to achieving fast weight gain with carbohydrates is to know what types of carbs to eat and the best times to eat them. When you focus on complex carbohydrates, which are also called low-glycemic carbohydrates, you’re eating carbs that take a long time to break down in the body. Good examples of these are sweet potatoes, whole grain breads, brown rice, and oatmeal. Their slow digestion process provides you with energy throughout the day, powering your workout while facilitating fast weight gain without gaining fat.

But there’s another type of carbohydrate that’s often seen as harmful, but can actually be useful for those looking to gain weight fast. These are your simple, or high-glycemic, carbohydrates such as those found in white sugar, white potatoes, white rice and white bread. These carbs break down very quickly in the body and cause a rapid increase of blood sugar. This in turn triggers a spike in the hormone, insulin, and it has a dramatic effect on gaining weight.

Specifically, that insulin would normally cause you to gain weight in the form of fat if you eat these types of fast-digesting carbs at the wrong times. However, timing your high-glycemic carb intake at the right times will not only avoid gaining the wrong kind of weight, but also help you gain lean muscle tissue, especially if you’re naturally skinny and have a hard time gaining weight. Here are three simple carbohydrate tips for fast weight gain:

Fast Weight Gain Carb Tip #1: Take in a high-glycemic carbohydrate meal immediately after you workouts.

When you train intensely, you use up the stored sugar in your muscles. If you’re looking for fast weight gain, you need to resupply that stored sugar fast. If you don’t, it will destroy muscle tissue and use it for fuel, rather than building it up bigger (which is what you want, after all).

Fast Weight Gain Carb Tip #2: Take in more high-glycemic foods an hour AFTER your workout.

This is a powerful tip for really skinny “hardgainers” as their ectomorph body type can afford a bigger insulin spike to gain weight fast. This helps overcome their naturally high metabolism that makes it very difficult to gain weight. By taking in a second meal of high-glycemic carbs they will keep their anabolic hormones at a heightened state to make sure that the weight they are gaining as a result of their training in the gym is muscle.

Fast Weight Gain Carb Tip #3: Drink a high-sugar drink DURING your workout.

This is a little known secret for gaining weight fast and really jumpstarts your recovery process. An intense training session in the gym will naturally damage muscle tissue and as we’ve already established, you need to resupply the stored sugar in your muscles fast or they will be broken down for “fuel”. By consuming high-glycemic carbohydrates during your workout, you can feed your muscles and fuel your workout at the same time, thereby limiting loss of lean muscle tissue and allowing you to gain weight faster and easier.

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