Carb Cycling Shredding Diet | Meal By Meal | Low Carb Day Pt. 1

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  • Hi, I just joined your channel. This is the 2nd vid I watched, the first was on IF. Do you combine the 2 together? And what constitutes low, medium, and high carb in terms of grams of CHO? Do you base it off of the % of total calories for each day to give an individual a baseline to go off of?

  • Check this for me bud since this is the first time I've done this

    4 meals a day

    M,T,W, F, Sat
    Per meal
    46g p
    8g f

    Thu, SUN

    Per meal

    46g P
    9.5g f
    39 g c

    183lbs 26y/m

    Sound right?

  • Mate nice stuff! im reached 11% BF with keto, and stop losing fat, thinking maybe leptin guilty for it. now started carb cycling this looks like going better! Question: why no dairy/ milk products in your diet? as i see lot of contest prep atletes cuts dairy/milk before last cutting phase, why? 2. Is its better to have 2-4 bigger meals and introduce IF, then eating small portions all day?

  • Would a high carb diet be good for losing weight?

  • Can you tell me your TDEE? 🙂

  • Very interesting! Could you use greek yogurt and cottage cheese ?

  • Can you do this starting to loose weight ? Like I'm 200 right now and I wanna get down to 175-180 is it a good idea to do this ??

  • No more keto? Is there is reason? sorry i"m a new subscriber

  • what containers do you use for your meal prep

  • Your example and technique explains everything perfectly THANKS!!

  • Nice videos man, very informative and great energy. I want to carb cycle but So many contradicting things out there, could you answer a quick question?

  • Would you be willing to write me up a Carb Cycling Plan?

  • If i workout two times a day heavy and do some cardio will this diet work???

  • What's the intro music called

  • What do you think, can i use carb cycling for bulking and not only for diet ?:)

  • So my question is i'm at 6'6" at 308 lbs what multiplier should I use for this to be effective currently, i'm using myfitnesspal and i did the guided setup so it has me at 445 g carbs 178 protein 119 fat Total Calories 3,555 so if i were to try this diet approach. By multipliers against Carbs, Protein and Fats compared to my weight.

  • What if I do weight training 3 days per week (60min), HIIT cardio for 3 days (45-60mins), and have 1 rest day. Which will be my high and which will be my low carb days?

  • Hi! Just found your channel!! Love your content! What fiber supplement do you recommend?

  • can you replace that proteine with some food thigs beacause im on a budget and i cant afford stuff like that

  • how many days are you on low carb days?

  • An comment to the statement you make on 1:35, keep in mind if you're very overweight (and therefor probably have bad insulin responsiveness) you probably shouldn't be eating carbohydrates in the evening or late in the day. If you do not burn the carbohydrates that you take in, it will settle as fat, therefor its probably better to have them in the morning/before training. I learned this the hard way when losing weight, however remember everyone is different.

  • Thought you were like a gym douche but you're actually pretty cool , got my sub ! hahah

  • Bulk nutrients a good whey protein option?

  • so this is for one day or is this the meal plan for the week?

  • Kinds of new to this… is less than 60 g of carbs considered a low carb day?

  • Are u suppose to have 1 high carb day a week?!

  • What can you sub for chicken? What do you sub for the ground beef?

  • how about fruits on high carb day?

  • Oh my God I love how you just explain it to me so much better so do you still have a calorie deficit

  • your thumbnail looked like athlean x

  • So I want to lose weight and people were telling me that the best way to do this is to carb cycle and do HIIT training at the same time, what I want to know is, how to figure out how many calories you're supposed to consume since he said in the video everyone's metabolism is different and everyone's body is different, so I just wanted to know how are you supposed to calculate that

  • Would you please be bale to do a carb cycle suitable for females, or are the serving sizes ok for a female trying to lose that last bit of fat. Thanks 😊

  • This still surprise me, just how some people are not aware about Antinobotan Solution, although lots of people get great result because of it. Thanks to my cousin who told me about Antinobotan Solution, I've lost crazy amounts of weight by using it without starving myself.

  • Love your videos and really need your help if you could just spare a minute of your time and look at these nos. And help me out
    Goals = fat loss.
    I'm 31 and weigh 176 lbs.
    Got a considerable amount of muscle but have been restricted from cardio and explosive training since a few months as I'm recovering from acl surgery. So iv packed on quite a few pounds. These are my macros
    Daily caloric intake to maintain = 2500 cal.
    High carb days 2250 cal (10% deficit) protein = 176 g fat = 46.7 g carbs = 281.25 g (50% of caloric intake)
    Low carb days 1875 cal (25 % deficit) protein = 176 g fat = 88.44g carbs = 93.75 g
    Would these nos help me in achieving my goal of fat loss and if so how many high carb days and how many low carb days and what split? Really confused with all this.

  • Hey Remington I've been watching your videos for a while now and they are absolutely great. You've really cleaned my diet and I feel great. I see great things for this channel !

  • How should you organize your low, Medium, and carb days through out the week? Meaning what days should I have these carb days on??

  • 1690 calories? How tall are u bro? I find it extremely low, but who knows.