“CARB CYCLING” How To Build Muscle Mass Without Gaining Fat (Big Brandon Carter)

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“CARB CYCLING” How To Build Muscle Mass Without Gaining Fat (Big Brandon Carter)

  • what if you do cardio and weight training in the same day. Should you still eat carbs?

  • Ok, but say I'm training resistance 7 days a week, including HIIT cardio 3 days, and staypace 4 days..? How should I go?

  • I workout everyday, bodybuilding, what should i do?

  • I work resistence 6 days 😀 But this would be cool for fbw..

  • whats confusing me is that they say you do high protein+ high fat most of the weekand high protein+high carbs only a couple days. You say to only go high carbs on days of resistance training but to put on muscle don't you want the majority of your days to involve resistance training?

  • Mr BBC you are the best on youtube i really learned alot from your videos but i have a question: am158 lbs on 15% body fat i suppose and for what am doing to get the 6 abs and to loose the last belly fat that left .On workout days my carbs is around 100 and total calories between 2000 -2500. On rest days carbs is 30 or less, total calorie is between 1000-1200 , with 2 days( İF) and a one cheat day..i do 10-15 Min after training cardio
    İs that correct what am doing ?

  • I gained weight with this program +Gain Weight-F

  • I've been rocking the 4 pack for a while now and can't seem to lose that last bit of fat on my lower abs. Would you recommend I carb cycle starting now, or should I continue going low carb and high fat until I get the full six pack? I'm trying to add some muscle maaaaasssss!

  • Best video on how to carb cycle! Other Mofos talk a lot of shit. Nice and simple!

  • vegetables have carbs bro….not alot, but a little bit.

  • Are fruits okay at any time or should I eat fruit after resistance training only?

  • Moauescle Mace

  • What if I have a six day workout split ?

  • carb cycling is literally the best thing thats ever happened to me! I'm building muscle and leaning out! Couple that with intermittent fasting and you're solid. Carb cycling is also calorie cycling for those that didn't know. Essentially a surplus on lifting days and deficit on your non training/cardio days. There's so many ways to go about this and thats the beauty of carb cycling!

  • youre like a fucking video bodybulding encyclopedia. Nice man!

  • u need more traps.

  • Vegetables do got carbs though.

  • big brandon carter is a beast. peace!

  • small brandon carter

  • medium-at-absolutely-best brandon carter

  • You have an amazing physique which people like us can only dream of. but i don't really see that ur big. Ur a fit guy but ur not big by any means.