Can you BUILD MUSCLE on a KETOGENIC DIET? Myths and misconceptions of keto.

THE KETOGENIC EDGE COOKBOOK: A Training Manual for Low-Carb, Ketogenic, and Paleo Cuisine –


  • Brazilian pushing 50 here, and doing all you teach. It is working wonders for me. I did a 30-day-water-only fasting detox between 2014 and 2015, took one year testing the best eating approach for me, and found your channel to be the best keto info source for me. Thanks for the great content, bro!

  • Do you ship to New Zealand? I am having trouble finishing my order?

  • Well , how many grams of protein that you talking about in building muscle, and the leucine doesn't high up the insulin?

  • i have build serious muscles while doing keto for over 2 years chech mine instagram for evidence :djowy1987

  • im about 6 months in to keto, my main concern was loosing muscle while loosing weight . thats why i chose keto so far i have gotten alot stronger while losing weight. ive lost about 25kg so far , my macros are carbs 50 (max) 150g protein and the rest ist fat . going for 1500-1800 kcal a day

  • You can definitely build muscle on keto! speaking from experience 🙂

  • What's happening to the videos? They're disappearing….

  • I have a question can I eat raw jalapeños peppers or Chile serrano?

  • Let's say I mix tilapia broccoli and chile Serrano for some flavor

  • Hello sir, could you make a quick video on how to safely exit ketosis without putting too much weight on. Eg: How much carb increase and total macro ratio on the day of exit etc.

  • Good stuff. Thank You

  • This means that I can do a lean bulk with ketosis?

  • Hey man, I can't seem to find a clear answer to this anywhere. I'm hoping you can shed some light.
    Can I take BCAA's during a fasted state and still remain "fasted"? I am using the 12-8 eating window and my training tends to be mid morning. I feel satiated after drinking them and I do believe they help my workout performance, but I want to know if its negating the benefits of using IF. Thank you!

  • smart guy.

  • Do you coach?

  • Oh my gosh these words are music to my ears!!! I'm diabetic so as you may know carbs are my enemy but this video has given me hope to achieve my dream body and lifestyle. Than you so much for sharing your knowledge God bless!!!!!

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  • This guy is in another wavelength!

  • Thanks for the realest information available. Easy to understand and scientifically based. Good stuff.

  • Good video mate thank you!

  • what's your take on 23hour or more fasting?