Can I Burn Fat and Build Muscle at the Same Time? How do you Gain Muscle and Lose Fat simultaneously

Can I Burn Fat and Build Muscle at the Same Time
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This is every guy and girls dream to burn fat and build muscle at the same time. There are a lot of differing opinions out there, and right off the bat I want to make it clear that all these opinions are based on individual experiences. Based on my experience the answer is a little more complicated than a simple yes or no.

When I first started working out I lost a bunch of body fat just from doing weight training and cardio workouts on a consistent basis for a year and a half. I also simultaneously built some muscle mass. So does that mean that I discovered a ground breaking method to build muscle and burn fat at the same time? Could it be that I found the secret that everyone looking to get more lean muscle is looking for? No Way! And let me explain why.

When I started working, when you, or anyone for that matter starts working out there’s a little something known as beginner gains. When you first start lifting weights and you’ve never done it before, you’re body is very quick to put on muscle mass. Even if you are doing everything wrong: your nutrition may be off, and your form during exercises is awful, regardless you can still get away with a descent amount of gains as a beginner.

Unfortunately once you get past those beginning stages and adapt to lifting heavy weights. You will plateau and get stuck. The only way through this plateau requires, you start focusing in on the specifics of your nutrition and exercise program.

My first step for bulking up further was eating more of anything. But after eating this way, I put on some excess body fat, which pushed me to do my first major cutting phase. This was where I started to see a ton of results. By doing a carb cycling diet, while still working out 6 days a week, I burned away a bunch of body fat. Immediately after finishing my cutting phase I did a bulking phase. This bulking phase was extremely effective because I went from being very depleted on calories to having a huge influx of calories. By doing this my body was like a sponge I got stronger, bigger muscles, and also got fatter even though my diet was very clean. So after that I went back to cutting. I continued doing the same thing over and over again because I realized that the ideal time to do a cutting phase is directly after a bulking phase and the best time to do a bulking phase is directly after my cutting phase. I built muscle and burned fat by going back and forth between the phases, but even when I was doing a clean bulk, I still never lost a substantial amount of fat while bulking.

When you’re trying to build muscle your body demands for you to have a calorie surplus. Unless you are in the very beginning stages and getting your beginner gains your body is going to demand and influx of calories to make your bicep or chest grow even one more inch. How are you ever going to build one more inch on any of your muscles while losing body fat. When trying to lose body fat you are required to make your body draw from fat stores by not giving it enough calories from your diet. If a surplus of calories is required to build muscle, and a calorie deficit is required to burn fat how can you ever do both at the same time?

Over the course of years of bulking and cutting yes I did reduce my body fat and gained muscle. However that didn’t happen all at once. It took a lot time of switching back and forth between cutting and bulking. The problem that I see many people having with transforming their body is a lack of patience. This causes newbies to abuse their bodies with crazy amounts of supplements, and even sometimes steroids to get the results that they want now. That saying patience is a virtue, 100% applies to building muscle and burning fat. You have to have patience and tackle each of these goals individually. The bottom line is, unless your brand new to exercise your going to have a lot of trouble doing both at the same time. Bulking in the advanced stages will take all of your effort, and all of your attention. The same goes with cutting. If you’re eating a high calorie diet trying to gain muscle, it won’t be mathematically conducive to burning fat and if it is then you energy expenditure won’t be conducive to building muscle.

  • So patience and consistency are key.

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  • My Energy and Fitness Level is Phenomenal though from doing the routine that i've been doing and i feel great

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  • great video. I need this

  • could you suggest, how many weeks to go for deficit and surplus at minimum? at the end fat loss and muscle loss can be achieved

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  • you are my top fitness channel to watch for info 👍

  • surly if you just do cardio then rest then do like chest or arms you will gain muscle and lose fat? or diet wise just take high protein diet? my brother said you cant build muscle and burn fat at the same time too but i just dont get why?

  • just use roids

  • i'd like to ask when u gain muscle how much time should u do that and then change it to fat loss. I mean how many days-weeks should i try to gain muscle and when should i change and try fat loss and all over again. Sorry for my bad english 🙂

  • (before i ask anything, i want to let you know that i've done a body weight plan before, so my chest and triceps have increased in strength and mass a little bit already) I still don't understand – (I'm not super fat, I just have a bloated belly, my arms and legs and stuff are fine, just my belly is big), should I lose weight first (by doing a calorie deficit diet and HIIT cardio), and then gain muscle, while gaining the fat I originally lost in the first place (which would be pointless), or should I gain muscle (by doing a calorie surplus diet and weight training), while gaining even more fat, and then lose weight (which would be almost pointless because even though I'm gaining muscle, I'm just putting on more fat than i originally had, which would make losing fat all the more hard)?

  • Utter crap, yes you can, your doing it every day all day, stop listening to this over the top crap it's all rubbish, your body is all ways building and burning fat and building muscle

  • Haha I love these random pictures in your videos:) They are so funny sometimes!

  • I did a bulk phase, yeah sure got my gains, got stronger but did gain some fat back. Now I'm a but sluggish, doing my cut phase now, rather be leaner then bulk.

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  • but how is het possible that i gain muscle and burn fat. in 6 months ate 6 meal separated in one day and 3 protein shakes. training 5 times a week and after my workout i did 30 min. cardio. and yes i was losing my fat slowly but i gain alot of muscle.

  • but how is het possible that i gain muscle and burn fat. in 6 months ate 6 meal separated in one day and 3 protein shakes. training 5 times a week and after my workout i did 30 min. cardio. and yes i was losing my fat slowly but i gain alot of muscle.

  • Yup
    Just do a slow bulking like increasing calories from 100 to 300…

  • But what if the physician tells you that you need to lose fat? Can a intermediate weight lifter who is overweight build muscle and reach an athletic body fat percent at the same time?

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  • This video helps alot. I'm currently in a fat burning cycle but doing my best not to loose muscle. It's tricky because I'm average built.

  • Still binge watching Your videos! 🙂

  • I actually built muscle while being in calorie deficit 🙂 Working out with weights and doing a Warrior and Keto diet. Beginner gains though! But still!

  • I am experimenting. I weigh every morning and I workout and try to gain muscle but I try to maintain the same weight on the scale. I have been tracking my progerss by checking my body fat. I am using the same device to track my body fat everytime so I think I am getting a fairly accurate idea as to how much fat I am losing. So far it is a slow process but I have seen results. I am at the same weight but my body fat % has gone down so that tells me I have gained muscle. I think this works but you have to be spot on with your diet.

  • hey new to you guys!! so do I build and gain muscle 1 week and the other week do a deficit on calories to lose weight…. or 2 weeks building muscle and then 1 week deficit to build and lose fat that way?? hope you guys answer and doing an amazing job answering all my questions with your vids