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Fall is here, which means loads and loads of people are going to get super fat because they have been misinformed about bulking. I see it all the time and as much as the bro-science behind bulking bothers me, what pains me even more is seeing so many of you ruin your gains because you have been mislead.

Watch this video 2 – 3 times if you have to and really absorb the information. I want each and every one of you to be the best possible version of yourselves and I know with a little help we can get you there!

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Bulking WRONG
(1:25)- 1. More Bodyfat = Less Testosterone = Less Gains
(2:10)- 2. More Fat = Lower Insulin Sensitivity = MORE FAT
(3:17)- 3. Less Fat = Better Distribution Of Nutrients = Easier Time Growing MUSCLE!
(4:24)- 4. Once NEW fat cells are created, they NEVER GO AWAY!

Bulking RIGHT
(5:15)- 1. Your growing muscle cycle should be just as controlled as your cutting cycle.
(5:47)- Video Link: Are You Bulking Or Just Fat?

(5:54)- 2. To gain muscle you should be in a calorie surplus of 250 – 500 over your daily maintenance calories.
(6:29)- 3. You must still pay very close attention to your ratio of protein, carbs and fat.
(6:47)- Video Link: Building Your Meal Plan! Learn How To Calculate Protein, Carb & Fat Daily Intake For Your Goals!

(6:53)- 4. Eat quality foods!

  • Listen guys, you need to be smaht about it ya hear!

  • 2:14 WRONG: Eating Fat won't lower your Insulin Sensitivity, instead it's the other way LowCarb-HighFat will improve your Insulin Sensitivity and this will lead to less fat.
    More Fat=Less Bodyfat

  • hey man, your hyperlink to at 5:50 is a link to a different video fyi

  • The Link at 5:47 goes to "Answering Dumb Comments. Vid"

  • just because youre fat as fuck doesnt mean you need surgery to get all of it off your frame, you damn idiot. quit saying everything like its the word of god. everyone is wrong every once in awhile but you have 1.321 million followers and most of them might not be smart enough to check your "facts" when you say shit like that man

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  • i feel this is why everyone is trying to use some gear, when u flex your arm, u look good. when u put it down in nature mood, you looks like shit,,, no offense,, every natural is same

  • hi scott i'm a big fan of your channel. i'm doing a bulking cicle and i wanted to ask you if i'm doing wrong or if it's ok. i'm a litle bit skinny e i'ts a fight to get weight its realy hard. my metabolism is faster than a horse it burns everything in a few minutes. i work at macdonalds and i'm doing a clean bulking during all day long and when i go to work i eat my meal of macdonalds to have more calories. when i start doing that i started to gain weight but i didnt gain much fat and i've started to gain muscle. i'm doing like flexible diet. what do you think about this scott? thanks.

  • from video to video,lol

  • I am doing all of what you are teaching here. Now i gain 8kg in 3month. Yeah. I am 174cm and now my weight is at 75kg. Can't wait to watch more of your vidz. Thanks bro

  • I want the "what's going on nation" phrase :))

  • Hey Scott, don't mind these guys making fun of your accent. It just means they're trying hard to hear what you're saying! You're an inspiration. Keep it up man.

  • Hi Scott. I've been following your channel for long time. Nice to see that you are starting to educate people about the biochemistry. I want to point one thing though. You don't create new fat cells(adipocytes) in your adulthood, the number is set in your early childhood. Only around 10% of them die during life, to be recreated. Fat cells only bulk when people get fa. The rest of the video is super informative. Cheers and keep up the good work. Andrey Kovachev M.D.

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  • FINALLY. Someone who has a brain that can look past the internet bullshit that people wanna believe.

  • skip to 5:10

  • yeah but the thing is i dont want to look like a sundried tomato fused together with a twig

  • good thing i belong to the fewer ones thats has fast metabolism😂

  • Fat cells don't go away? bullshit… Some people go from obese to shredded

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  • Holy shit. Since when did he start speaking in this accent.. He never used to speak like this…!?

  • You really don't want to make it haadaah for you to make gains…..so be smat about it!!

  • This dude still can't get rid of that fake accent smh??

  • Oh yeh let's just do a video at the bottom of the stairs

  • Stupid kid, you don't create fat cells after 10 year age.

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  • This is a excellent video, thanks for sharing.

  • That nappy armpit hair was highly distracting. Gross, buddy.

  • I got confused..The 250-500 calories surplus from BMR or total calories expenditure ? Because my bmr only 2100 and my total expenditure around 3200..

  • His voice sounds different in this vid than newer ones.

  • Scott…. i been dirty bulking for years… What can i do? I'm fucked.