Building Your Meal Plan! Learn How To Calculate Protein, Carb & Fat Daily Intake For Your Goals!



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The MEAL PLAN! It seems like this topic has been blown so out of proportion, with so many different “tricks” over the years, that a lot of us just say “whatever” when it comes to counting their calories and macros.

This video will show you EXACTLY how to calculate your daily macronutrient intake needs. For more information on how to calculate your macronutrient (protein, carb, fat) intake please see the FULL ARTICLE here:

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(0:26)- Link To Meal Planner:
(0:40)- What you need to know!
(1:00)- My Info & Calculations
(2:41)- Protein Multiplier
(3:27)- Fat Multiplier
(4:12)- Converting Macros from GRAMS to CALORIES
(5:19)- Carb Multiplier
(6:41)- My Daily MACROS!
(7:59)- Carb Intake Guidelines
(9:09)- My FINAL Daily MACROS!
(10:22)- Promo Code For FREE One Month Trial of my meal plan!

  • I've been using the guidelines from this mealplan that ScottHermanFitness aired at the beginning of this year. I've lost 34 lbs. in 3 months and holding with great definition 7 months later. I just turned 54 and look better than I ever have. Thanks ScottHermanFitness!

  • Can't I just eat the same as Scott and work out until I look like him?

  • so here you say, 50-100 grams of carbs for fat loss, but when I use the macro calculator on your website and ask for 'rabid fat loss' it tells me I need 400 grams of carbs a day

  • Many MANY overweight Americans are "pre-diabetic" aka insulin resistant. Your high carb diet suggestions are not right for these people. Please research this.

  • Very comprehensive video. Thank you!

  • Wow awesome bro what a video 👌🏽👌🏽 all the information covered perfectly. Thanks for the info 😊

  • i know this video is a little old but the links to your website to use your calculator isnt working, can you help with tht?

  • thanks

  • thank you Scott. the amount of food intake is the key to loose and gain.

  • Thanks for the information!

  • Aren't required too many proteins to make work your macro model? I made some math…if I would follow your tips while staying at protein minimum level and at fat maximum level – 130 gr proteins 66 gr fats – I would be in a caloric deficit even eating 200 gr of carbs. But the result is paradoxical. What is supposed to happen when you are in a caloric deficit while eating that many carbs? Sounds confusing. (lean mass 132 pounds, manteinance level 2200 kcal)

  • How do I find out my body mass percentage and BMR?

  • Great stuff, but the macros don't add up here if you're trying to lose weight. If you're in good shape with descent muscle, you need to get more than 1x your lean weight in protein and .35 in fat if you want to keep your carbs under 100g. You simply wouldn't take in enough calories to lose fat without the risk of muscle loss.

  • how can i know my fat number?

  • How can u figure out your body fat percentage?

  • How can I know my body fat %??

  • Scott, why do you average your BMR numbers instead of just taking the "In motion" number and reducing it by 10% – 25% to determine the desired average daily calorie intake to create a reasonable deficit? Thank you!!! Great video as usual.

  • How does one eat 239 grams of protein a day? That doesn't seem realistic. Thats equivalent to 60 eggs a day!

  • How do I determine my body fat percentage?

  • Cheers Scott.

  • Very informative.. thanks for sharing

  • Very informative.. thanks for sharing

  • Please tell us where you got this 1-1.5g protein per lean pound of body fat from. Actually, all of the equations for each macro would be better, along with the 'carb intake guidlines'.

    Your 'Carb Intake Guidlines' seem like one of the most dubious pieces of nutritional information I have seen in a while.

  • this video is superb!

  • so, correct me if I'm wrong, but: the fatter you are (that means the less lean muscle mass you have) the less protein you need…

  • This is a great video. Thank you!

  • Amazing, thank you so much… I'll use your wesite

  • Still a bit confusing but I'll get on the scales later to work out my BMR. I'm 6ft4 and slender built so hopefully I can work it out.

  • You're really 7% bf?

  • Thanks for the info and the channel! I'm a beginner and learning a lot. I had a question on this calculation. How often should you recalculate these figures to adjust your meal plan? Especially when you are first starting to workout? I'm a year into weight loss (down 50lbs) but it's been mostly light cardio and calorie counting. I've hit a plateau and have joined a gym to keep moving forward. I subscribed to your channel to help me with doing exercises correctly.

  • Great explanation thanks. After determining how many calories come from protein, fat, and carbs do I have to add that number to the amount of calories shown per serving on food that I consume?

  • my head hurts ;D

  • Scott, what is the reason that u lower your carbs down and increase your protein intake instead?

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  • So glad i found this video because i was going to ask u if u could make an elaborating nutrient video. Pls make more thats similar to this to make it easier to find

  • Scott, I've been looking for infos about nutrition for a lot of time, struggling to understand where I was making mistakes within my routine. Finally you made it clearer to me. Thanks a lot, your videos are truly helpful!

  • But…How do you measure what your eating?? What do you eat? What does 200 grams of protein look like? How are you supposed to measure this stuff? Right now it's just numbers that mean nothing

  • Scott, very good video, finally, very easy to understand, you explained it super simple. Thank you for taking the time to put this post this video.