Building Muscle | Higher Carb Vs Higher Fat Diets

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In this video we look at the science behind higher carb vs higher fat diets as they pertain to bodybuilders and athletes alike. If you’d like to see more videos like this in the future please don’t forget to like and subscribe! 🙂 Have a great day. Peace.

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  • Yay the second part came out straight away! I too aim for the lower end of the fat range, usually coming out at about 0.4g/lb of lean body mass or 20% of calories. I've tried super low fat before and I notice my knees click and I get dry skin so there's definitely a sweet spot with how much feels best. ☺ -Darren.

  • oh, I needed this so much! I literally was in need coz recently I was playing A LOT with my macros and this one popped up. Thanks dude!

  • Excellent videos!

  • How many fats per pound of body weight you recommend? 🙂

  • Excellent video!

  • Just to let you know-
    Stating from the abstract isn't the best thing to do… It's better to review the entire article of the research and then conclude. It's just as important as checking who funded the research.

  • High carb is also great for endurance sports too. Energy during and quicker recovery times. Great video

  • great informative video bro!

  • Yeah, Flat muscles not fat muscles. Another short and sweet video, I liked it. And now I want beans for dinner lol. 😀

  • Fantastic vid Rob! Spot on with your research

  • Nailed it!
    However I have to ask, do women need a higher fat intake then men?

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  • SO how many grams of fat do you consume daily?

  • Great video! Really interesting 🙂

  • What uni are u at?

  • Really good vid, accessible yet informative

  • This is a concise and information filled video 🙂

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  • How does alcohol fit into your diet ?

  • best video on this topic !!!!! tahnks bro

  • all of those beans and rice, yummmm

  • You are quickly becoming my favorite channel! Thank you for being so informative!! xx

  • how much fat intake to maintain a high testosterone?

  • @vegan physique yeah but how are you able to stay lean with high carbs?

  • AWESOME videos man! Keep it up!!

  • so, what foods or meals would be examples of essential fats? how much grams of fat should one aim to consume?

  • I really appreciate these nutrition videos. I've been vegan body building for around four months, and it's been rewarding. However understanding the protein to carb ratio does sometimes confuse me, videos like these help a lot. Thanks for helping me see gains!!!! I <3 legumes!!!!