Build Muscle and Burn Fat at the Same Time – Is it Possible to Lose Weight and Bulk Up?

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Can you actually burn fat and build muscle at the same time? Or do you have to do them separately? Bulking and cutting are the fitness industry’s most commonly recommended approach to bodybuilding and putting on muscle and burning fat. But what about recompositioning? Culking (coining credits goes to Alan Aragon) perhaps?

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  • The best exercise that I ever got results from were yard work and agrarian activities: namely shoveling and hoeing and wood chopping. burnt fat AND got quite jacked simultaneously

  • 2:43 Gil from Street Fighter cameo.

  • +PictureFit what is the best body fat percentage to start bulking ?

  • I am confused. I have been preached to stay on a negative calorie but positive nitrogen balance, while doing strength and burst trainings throughout the week.

  • Hi

    I was 300 LB and I was losing weight while working out for less than year I became 190 LB and gained muscles too. this was in 2013. now I'm repeating the same thing and I believe it works but slowly.


  • Kdodeo

  • If you wanna gain size and lower bodyfat just lean bulk and do cardio

  • Nice video. What I wonder is why don't people just lose fat first and then try to build muscle after they lose fat

  • Simply from partaking in this diet my results have been spectacular. I might suggest this diet “sowo amazing plan” (Google it) to everybody to try it. The results appear to come so fast. I also know another person who shed 12 pounds.

  • I waited one year to see ONE video which does not end "it depends"

  • you have to train a certain way to achieve your goal, for fat loss doing giant sets(many different exercices in a row) you can burn a lot more fat and get a way more challenging and intense workout that's why I do a total body workout on an empty stomach every 2 days, sometimes several days in a row then I eat lunch then get a snack or sum in the afternoon and no diner, works pretty well mostly because Im kinda overweight
    ps: the fat that you have also helps your muscle to recover from working out
    ps2: the more you're out of breath the more fat you burn too that's why HIIT is also recomended

  • So can i bulk up for a week and then go for cutting for another week,and repeat the same to gain muscle mass and stay leaner? Since i always wanted to stay leaner because when i bulk up it affects my face very quickly. So i am kinda afraid of bulking now. Can anybody help?

  • why is it culking and not butting???😆😆😆

  • im dumb, i am watching a fitness video while eating chips

  • Is the person on here muscular or skinny?

  • It IS possible, but it is a slow process as opposed to the traditional "bulking & cutting" route. Whoever says bulking then cutting is the only way to do it is just a fat guy that likes to be fat for half the year.

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  • Answer: Yes it can be done but takes longer than bulking or cutting alone.

  • I try to build muscle and lose fat at same time. I'm a beginner. I know it will take long but i'm ok with that.

  • My colleague we’re talking among each other about their diet and how much weight they had dropped. Primarily I of course wanted to try this and I have lost a grand overall of 10pounds from the “sowo amazing plan” (Google it). This really was a life changer for me and I feel so much healthier.

  • Easiest way is drugs

  • could you please do a rehab strengthening workout for a dislocated shoulder? and what exercises or movements to avoid or what movements to modify thank youu

  • Thought he said cuckholding

  • You can build musle and lose fat just look at athlean x video

  • Your just giving me the definition of bulking and cutting. No tips at all!
    Thx 4 nothing 👎

  • This video is very planed out

  • Eat Clen. Tren hard. Test your limits. DBOLish your goals. GHet huge. Keep husSLIN. Winny it all.
    Anavar give up.

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  • Your videos are amazing… I am a professional marathon runner i just wana know can i build muscle being in calorie surplus… I am too lean/ skinny

  • Umm I have to replay and put subtitles to understand this 😕

  • This channel isn't for me . I'm sorry but all you do is inform me of options

  • when you say cutting, do you mean cutting like for wrestling and lose five pounds in 30 minutes?

  • Тrаinеrs аrе сalling this nеw suррlemеnt stасk "thе ultimatе stеroid аlternаtive" bесausе оf thе ridiсulоооus rаte that men taking it аrе расking оn musсlе аnd shrеdding fаt…

  • This all seems too complicated to do myself, I need someone to help me and keep me on track

  • I only tried this weight loss program after my good friend bragged about this. Then I decided to join in because she dropped 19 lbs from that. Google “sowo amazing plan”!

  • What if ur a semi beginner but is already strong but is chubby?

  • mastuburation ??

  • Lastly, I came across a diet that is simple to follow. Quickly, I will probably lose 8 more lbs with “sowo amazing plan” (make sure to google it! ).

  • Weight has nothing to fucking do with it. it's just body fat.

  • Focus on "farting" instead. Eliminates excess fat-ulence. (aka keto)

  • You are Great bro

  • what if my weight is the same 60 kg height 171 cm and i want to drop my fat to 6% of my body and want have big lean muscles and i workout but i eat too low calories per a day 750 calorie and i am 22 i do not like my sides and belly that's where are my fat stored not big belly but just not hard shape looks soft and yea i started month ago and i grow muscles in my arms and lost fat just some b4 was 66 kg the problem here is my weight doesn't change anymore it is been another month and still 60 kg but i can not notice clear changes in the shape not sure if do changing or not so my question here can my weight stay at 60 kg and shape changes " I MEAN by can shape changes ,changes into bigger lean muscles lower body fat " with the same current weight no changes in weight ??? is it possible? does this happen? btw i eat 70 gram of protein per a day 15 gram crab and 3 gram fat .. thnx in advance hope any one response

  • why so complicated tho? why not eat alot of protein, not crap food, strenght lifting 2-3 times a week and do cardio/ various exsercises

  • i want to loss body fat and want to grow my muscle size..suggest me the diet plan for that..

  • hey picture fit. i understand that you have a large number of fans to please and you can't just make a whole video from question a viewer might have. But I've recently watched a video from athleanX saying that in order to put muscle you need to be in positive nitrogen balance which you can achieve WHILE being in a caloric deficit (or that's what i understood from the video) it might be just a simply misunderstanding. anw i know it's selfish for me to ask you this but could you watch the two videos he put up about bulking and cutting and make or just answer here on what is positive nitrogen balance and how it can be achieved while lowering ur body fat percentage (and also athlean suggests that it doesn't only apply for beginners and that he personally uses it)

  • Okay now I'm just confused on what to do… Should I cut and bulk every other day? I'm trying to lose fat and replace it with lean muscle