Brad Schoenfeld on muscle building 101, functional training, and more!

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In this podcast I interview the one and only Brad Schoenfeld and we talk about the rock-bottom fundamentals of building muscle and strength and losing fat, the myth of “functional” training, and more (28:17)!





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How Training Frequency Can Help or Hurt Your Muscle Growth:

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  • Hey Mike, another great interview. As a personal trainer, whenever I have a question about nutrition or strength training I tend to look at the same three people for answers: Brad Schoenfeld, Alan Aragon and you. 

    Interesting to hear you both talk about energy input vs. output. Clients are always asking me what fancy calorie output piece of equipment I recommend and they are always surprised when I say that those products are useless if you are not tracking your energy input. I guess they can be useful, but I tend to view them as unnecessary for most people.

  • I will definitely be checking out his blogs and possibly even looking into purchasing his book. Great interview Mike!

  • Awesome Mike. Great work!

  • hey mike any word as to when pulse will be natural flavors only. I know you said you were thinking about doing this soon just wondering if  you know when it'll happen. Thanks!

  • really enjoyed this one mike, great stuff.

  • I remember when you said that you take BCAA if you train fasted. How much leucine ratio contains (or you recommend) in this BCAA pre fasted training? Thanks Mike, great podcast as always

  • Hey Mike, so I know you're a big proponent of the 4-6 rep range as promoted by Brad in this interview. However, he does mention that the so called endurance reps (>12 reps) is also important and constructive to muscle growth. What are your thoughts? I know you suggest a blend of ranges in your BBLS program. Do higher rep ranges really do have a place? I've seen it to work well for abs, calves and rear delts – the kind of muscles that usually are stubborn or are small. 

  • Hey Mike,

    Say I train fasted at 6am and I have Leucine, and I don't eat until 12pm and I do HIIT cardio and I break my fast after that, do you think it will affect muscle building or muscle loss at a great extent? Or do you think it will be insignificant? 

    I'm targeting fat loss.

  • another great podcast.  thanks for continually putting out high-quality content and asking the same questions you often receive on the site for different perspectives. 

  • There's something I did not get in this: He says that variety and volume is actually required for muscle hypertrophy, but BLS and also my personal experience is that lifting heavy weights in 4-6 max 8 rep ranges yields better results. A higher volume causes inflammation for me, and also works like: I can do high volume, when I need to if I am training using just heavy compound lifts, but it does not work the other way around: so should I follow a 8-12 rep range workout I would struggle to lift heavy. Mike? What is your take on it?

  • love this guy.  just read his recent meta-analysis with alan aragon on meal frequency. great stuff.

  • And again a awesome interview !! Keep on the good work Mike ! Greating from France.

  • I see that to lose weight you have to have a calorie deficit. But what if you eat barely 1200 calories a day as a normal guy. If I work it out deficit calories are going to be way more than I eat now. If I start to eat at that calorie range will it automatically start to lose weight? Any help for clarity on this question would be great

  • thank you so much

  • I like to follow Brad Schoenfeld and Menno Henselmans as well. As an advanced lifter i am combining heavy lifting with more repetition work as some muscle fibers needs to be fatique in order to stimulate muscle growth. The high frequency and high volume approach made me to the advanced level. I also really admire your work mike. I am following you daily 👍

  • Loved this interview! Brad provides some good ass info in all of his interviews!