Today was a day off of the gym. In this video I take you through what my off day consist of this close to prep.



Leave any of your questions below in the comments and I will try my best to answer them all. Thank you to everyone for the support!

  • REGANN haha first thing you say in your video is about streching your lats.. like we talked on're just pure motivation (@panic_fit)

  • Curious why you replaced the oatmeal with cream of rice. Was it to add some variety to your meals or does Aceto have a specific purpose in mind?
    Looking great btw.

  • cream of rice impossible to find in aus

  • This dude like a machine.

  • you should try your creme of rice with boiled water instead of putting it in the microwave tastes alot better in my opinion and try to combine the eggs whites and creme of rice together someone who eats the creme of rice and egg whites together is IFBB Pro Arash Rahbar! love the daily uploads

  • did you say 15k calories in one day

  • By far the best bodybuilding channel. No bull, no clickbait, no drama. Keep it up man, 13 days!

  • Keep grinding brotha looking awesome


  • These videos are awesome

  • sounds like some lazy cardio. won't win like that

  • how did you own a gym at that age Regan? its very inspiring to have your own gym already. do u rent the building or do you own it? and how did u get so many good machines which are very pricey?

    Huge fan of you brother

  • tank you my frend

  • do you remember your weight 10 days out before the arnold classic Brazil? You seem much more thick

  • 13 days out… YEEEAAAHHHH BBUUDDYYY !!

  • Just get a joby tripod,$100 why would you need an expensive gimbal for?

  • Beast mode !!! Looking great. At what weight you do the competitions now?

  • 29:32 Na Na I'll blur ya out….Lmao

  • How much did your gym cost

  • I know that no one can tell if you are going to get top 5 before you step on the stage but you look awesome and i hope you will hit top5! 🙂 Best regards

  • Regan grimes I think it is an awesome thing that you have a great woman that supports you!! God bless!!

  • Cool I never seen that type of money 🙂

  • Good luck mate, you re gonna do it

  • Genuinely don't see u not winning the Chicago pro

  • I definitely see you being in the olympia five years from now bro keep grinding!!

  • Regan, I Can't start my day til I see how's yours went! Lol! Looking forward to tomorrow! Can't wait to see you get dialed in! What is the average hour of sleep a night?

  • Your guys money looks sick af

  • MAn that gym is sick i had no idea you owned one. Been watching last few weeks now solid work man look insane !!

  • Hitting the Like button before I even watch . Always great stuff , thank u

  • Evo gimbal stabilizers

  • Thanks for giving us a indepth of your day in the life, love it. It's we there with you every step of the way💪

  • lookin savage bro

  • best series on youtube

  • I saw captain underpants with my kids. Lol. TRA- LA – LAAAAAA!

  • Love the longer vids bro, they help me get through my prep too lol

  • Gonna have to come to Flex Plex after u win the NY PRO! Get me a muffin pump

  • Where is it said that bodybuilding is an inexpensive sport?  Between all the supplements, the special meals, trips to the gym, posers, entry fees for a contest, NPC membership, messages, photo shoots, waxing eyebrows, yoga … Wow, it goes on and on.

  • Regan , those york dumbels and plates are made 15m from where I live

  • "ill blur you out" lolol xD
    love the cooking portion of the video
    and the new Pirates of the Caribbean is not bad

  • woahh i watched all 51 min!! 😮

  • Any reason for the switch from cream of rice instead of oats??

  • Thanks for the subtitles Regan !

  • Aye Regan I wanna rock the Flex Plex shirt.

  • LETS GET IT!!!!