Bodybuilding Chicken & Low-Carb Rice

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  • I like cauliflower much more over broccoli so I could eat cauliflower rice 🙂

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  • I hope I'm not the only lady in here… ^_* I just love how he did it… I'm on a low carb & low fat diet and I'm doing HIIT workout as well, so I always tried to look for some exciting & easy to make recipe

  • lmfaoo no wonder most of their population is obese…

  • lol

  • u dont wash the chicken before u cook them

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  • Thank!Very helpful

  • This was very informative

  • I never thought of doing this with cauliflower so thanks and please keep up the low carb vids. It really helps me.

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  • No, DON'T!!

    youtube: /watch?v=xN9ZvYKqjM4

  • Cauliflower is awesome.

  • since when is rice a unhealthy food?

  • Dude u don't wash ur chicken??

  • You spend too much time justifying your choices. Say what YOU have chosen, then just do it! Make your videos shorter and punchier to keep our interest.

  • Hey guys. Awesome clip.

    My dad was once a fat. He went from 279 lbs of pure fat into 205 lbs of absolute lean muscle mass. We think it is astonishing! I just registered myself coz I wanna strengthen. He used the Muscle Building Bible (Look in Google)…

  • dude no afence but you talk to much

  • Why not just try a little of brown rice.  I have a super delicious recipe.  I think.  an onion either steamed or done in a little huile d'olive, salt and piper, some chicken broth and toss in fresh parsley.  I made it for myself and my family wouldn't let me finish my plate.  I'll try yours, Bine?!!! Multumim!!  Idee buna!

  • Great Idea, I must try.

  • May I know what are the macros for each 100g/half cup or so of cauliflower rice?

  • Wtf…did he spray the pan?

  • i like u bro u dont talk shit u just get to the point 

  • Can you cook the rice without the microwave?

  • A health food video and there's chocolate in the background, ahh irony is a funny thing 🙂

  • you didn't even season the chicken…

  • Can not get over the creativity. 

  • seasoning, rice, tabasco, lemon juice, chicken

  • Cut the cooked chicken into smaller pieces for easy mixing with the 'rice'. Also add mixed vegetables for colour, general goodness and a fuller meal.

  • ive now been on a diet for 2 weeks now I live in Australia and shit over hear is not cheap I mean a meal like that your probably looking at a $16 shop its ridicules

  • Your recipes are very refreshing! Thanks a lot for this!

  • thank you

  • It is NOT rice, it is Cauliflower. Say it like it is. Stop trying to bullshit your viewers.

  • I dont have a food processor:( would the rice work with a nutri bullet???

  • I'm going to try this !!!