BODYBUILDER ON KETO : Physique Update, Diet (Meal By Meal)

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Body / Physique Transformation results And Diet of a Teen Bodybuilder following the high fat Cyclical Ketogenic Diet to get
Shredded while maintaining Muscle Mass

  • U look like 7 foot Dutch mma fighter Stefan Struve

  • i think your protein intake is way to high. 182g per day that is high. why not eat more fat? its easyer to have more energy then. and you can eat like that for a lifestyle.. not just a diet for 12 weeks.

  • Are you sure you were in ketosis with 182g of protein per day??… you should consume less than 0.7g per lb of bodyweight to JUST stay in a ketosis mode and not lose muscle.

  • So what was your best experience? Keto or high carb?

  • doesn't BBQ sauce have crap loads of sugar? which would bring you out of ketosis…

  • Glad to see you've come to the dark side 😛

  • I love that the advertisement is for Dominos pizza and this is a video about ketosis lol. I have a feeling this advertisement won't be too successful on this particular video lol.

  • shouldn't the protein intake be less than fat intake?

  • omg dude, wowww – listen, there are more micro-nutrients (minerals, vitamins) in animals sources compared to any fruits and vegetables, which usually only have a decent percent of 1 or 2 essential minerals , and maybe like Vitamin C. Dont believe me, read your lettuce and brocolli labels next time and u wont see hardly shit for minerals and vitamins and in low percentages.. Animal products on the other hand, have tons more minerals and vitamins than veggies, and are in much higher percentages. DO MORE RESEARCH STUDENT AESTHETICS before u say something ignorant again about Ketogenic FOods compared to fruits and veggies- which are usually water bags of fiber and carbs and void of essential minerals and vitamins. READ LABELS before u speak bro

  • u also do too many reps with light weight. Go heavier with the weights til muscle failure, and ur muscles will be bigger.

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  • at 1:21 must u really flex your lats to cook the egg? cause my egg gets overcooked everytime…

  • Is it possible to be a Keto diet as a Pescetarian?

  • 2300 cal, i need like 3500 just to keep the same weight…

  • Student Aesthetics,

    Good video.

    But how do you explain how the body is able to keep the muscle on when there are very few carbs in it?

    The body burns a certain percentage of fat and carbs for energy, but if there isn't any carbs, it burns the amino acids in its place.

    Do you have any info on that???

    The logical conclusion is that the body burns mainly fat, but I thought that biology wise the body cannot do that.


  • Are you doing standard targeted or cyclic? I do cardio at least 3 times a week (tennis) and then weights the other days. Will carbs before and after workouts throw me out of ketosis? I'm not trying to lose weight but rather looking to gain muscle mass btw.

  • why do you drink vinegar?

  • Sugar in the onion ?

  • What's the purpose of the vinegar?

  • A while earlier, I am organizing my diet plan choosing this keto ebooks!
    That keto diet source help me a lot.

  • I thought you couldn't eat peppers our tomatoes on keto diet as they are higher in sugar.. Seems like a low carb diet not keto.. What's your carb intake ?

  • Can you drink coffee?

  • Isn't your protein to high?

  • Awesome video for the Keto diet.

  • i just googled benifts of drinking vinegar and found that apple cider vinegar helps in weight loss. I am in keto for the past 1 month and this is gonna boost the fat burning process 😀

  • This is nowhere near a keto diet

  • Koreezoh…. Do you mean chorizo?

  • Excellent and Transparent video. Thanks for sharing.

  • More Protein than fat. thats not keto

  • how much protein can I consume on a keto diet

  • Isn't keto suppose to be 75% fats, 20% protein and 5% carbs? That amount of protein will convert to glucose and bump you off of keto.

  • Many people will say you protien is high u not on keto u can't eat tomatoes u can't eat onions ther is many ways to lose body fat and use keto even if u protien is high or u even eat carbs little bet yes u will kick of keto but doesn't matter still works in different way s

  • How many meals you eating on Keto bro?

  • Hey dude – If I signed up for your 12-week course, would you be able to help me build muscle mass on a strict keto-diet?

  • how many kilograms you have and how tall are you?

  • I noticed how the lighting is strategically placed above in a dark room so that muscle definition is more pronounced.

  • i dot get it, how does he eat 182 grams of protein and remain in ketosis , I thought over 35 grams protein and it turns into carbs

  • This isn't a ketogenic diet. There's no way you'd be in ketosis with that much protein.

  • That's to much protein to stay in keto

  • He's just juicing and thinks he's in keto. Way to Much protein. It should be like 115g on average person

  • Should be mixing your apple cider with water. Taking it straight can cause damage to your esophagus.

  • 12 weeks with NO carb load??? I would appreciate your answer bro

  • seems like he's just doing a low carb diet , but it is working for him cause he is getting lean so let him do him

  • faggot

  • I have watching this video and i like how you say "Im gonna eat some nutts :))) lol best part dude :))

  • your body is fucked up looking

  • I thought onions weren't good for keto