BodyBuilder Diet – The CARB CONFUSION Principle

The Non BodyBuilder Diet:

Bodybuilders typically have a specific bland “bodybuilder diet” that they follow that allows them to get ripped and show off extreme muscle definition. The problem with this type of classic bodybuilder diet is that often times it is so restrictive that it winds up costing you hard earned muscle in the process, or the foods are just plain boring and taste awful.

Most of these bad traits of the typical bodybuilder diet falls squarely at the feet of carbohydrates. Some weightlifters will tell you to avoid carbohydrates like the plague (especially as you get close to competition time) while others will claim they are a “must”. Why all the carb confusion?

It comes down to practicality for me.

Follow a meal plan that doesn’t revolve around time consuming calorie counting or measuring and you have a meal plan fit for not only a bodybuilder but also a professional athlete with many other time constraints. That’s what the X-Factor muscle building meal plans are all about. They help you to strip away the fat, build muscle, and save the time that you would unnecessarily spend doing all of these calorie counting, food measuring time wasters.

For more information on the ATHLEAN-X Factor Muscle Building meal plans head over to and see for yourself how bodybuilders and avid athletes alike are turning to the most effective diet plans in the business. Correct that….non diet diet plans in the business.

  • No calorie counting, eat 20-30 grams of carbs, moderate protein, majority of diet are fats. Feel great, have mental clarity and not ever hungry…

  • ehh… whatever works for you. I have zero problems counting calories. Keeps me honest and I know if I have a few sweets here and there no big deal.

    Also…I notice people that eyeball their meals tend to under estimate when really hungry or just as bad over estimate and not get enough nutrients

  • ehh… whatever works for you. I have zero problems counting calories. Keeps me honest and I know if I have a few sweets here and there no big deal.

    Also…I notice people that eyeball their meals tend to under estimate when really hungry or just as bad over estimate and not get enough nutrients

  • Nice to see somebody has the same philosophy! Seems like everyone is treating carbs like poison these days…

  • Hi Jeff! I need help! I've been lifting weights for a while now and am not seeing results. I'm 180 pounds. Calorie intake a day is 2100. I aim for 180 grams of protein and around 200 carbs a day. Lifting 4 to 5 times a week. Suggestions?

  • Hey, Mr. Athlean-X, given I workout – full intensity – 5 out of the 7 days of the week, and I eat carbohydrates in the morning and afternoon, and eat VERY nutritious but if my goal is to build muscle and at the same time get six pack abs (and get rid of those love handles and other excess fat), should I stick with the dinner meal: 6-8 oz chicken, 1 cup of vegetables and 1/2-1 cup of cottage cheese? Or should I replace the cottage cheese with some complex carbs like a sweet potato or brown rice? This is one of my main concerning issues because I don't want to gain more fat on my stomach or anywhere else.

  • Starch solution

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  • 1:52 I'm 'glad' Jeff makes these videos

  • Great job

  • I like the way the stairs go down into 2 different rooms.

  • Love your videos.Thank you for sharing your great tips

  • I love these videos but I couldn't stop watching the tv in the background lol

  • jeff man luv your shiz but that sweet potatoe looking like a pile of bad ass shit seriously lol

  • Jeff is the greatest. I'll pay to listen to you, dude.
    Started lifting this year and learnt a lot from you. Gained a lot of muscle mass just by doing what you say

  • should we cut on carbs during rest days?

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  • Is counting calories not important when trying to burn fat and build muscle??

  • Hi Jeff just wanted to know how does each macro effect the liver/thyroid and should any particular macro like fat be avoided incases of fatty liver or thyroid

  • That meal looks so great right now lol

  • Keto and always jacked

  • Jeff is the only fitness youtuber i listen to.

  • oo men I am soo confused I recent I started to work out at my home I wanted to put on some arm and chest I change my eating I was 200 lbs I see changes all over except my BELLY I try intimate fasting I couldn't keep up my arm looks like I am losing muscle soo now I am trying keto diet but I am not that educational on all those ting I just want to lose dis belly fat soo I can put on ABS and eat to put on some big ARM and CHEST wats ur advice

  • well, it ur eating all fat and no carbs, at the end of the day, ur body has to use energy from somewhere, right? glucose is our bodys main fuel, so regardless if you dont give it carbs or not, ur body will make glucose of the stores it has, usually, from fat, or glycogen which is stored glucose in your body but is only stored for a limite period, but its a secondary energy as first one is fats held in adipose tissue. so with a few words, its ok if you dont eat carbs, but since almost all foods contain carbs, then eatign small amounts of carbs through the day is still ok. as for ketones, ketones are one thing, and a ketogenic diet is another thing, so jeff has to do some chemistry homework, a ketone can be lots of things. so to be honest and clear, it all depends on the results you want, the body you want, the training you do and your daily life, to make the body you want. for me, because m busy all day, i eat moderately high glycemic index foods so i can have big energy spikes through out the day, which doesnt make me tired. i rarely eat rice and i prefer brown bread and fruits for my carbs, rarely eat brown rice but it feels me for a long time, so i avoid that because i dont want to be filled up for a long time, im busy. so it all depends on what you want guys. sports science is a pseudo science to me, all you need to know is the basics and what works for you, peace

  • I see the point Jeff, but If I'm trying to lose or shed fat aren't the carbs the enemy??

  • I've lost 22lbs in 5 weeks on a very low carb, high fat diet. I wouldn't say i'm below 20g of carbs per day but definitely below 50g. I've noticed i have more energy and my strength has actually improved. Love Jeff but I have to say personally I disagree with him on this one

  • I have a friend who did the ketogenic diet and lost his erection due to the restriction of blood flow that comes from the diet. It needs to be avoided.

  • He speaks like its the only way to diet ! "You HAVE to have carbs" which is false.
    Much of the 60's and 70s bodybuilders were using a ketogenic diet to cut down for an upcoming show (Larry Scott per example, who was following Vince Gironda's advice, advocated a very low carb diet for show prep) and many of them even stayed on the diet year round, with refeeds days every now and then. I'm not saying a ketogenic diet is better, of course it has its advantages (which I think outweighs the disadvantages) but I want people to know that there are many ways to diet and they can all work if followed properly.

  • Mixing fat with carbs will hold u back if your goal is fat loss… the carbs go into the blood and the insulin response stores any entering fat to you cells. If your painfully skinny, then dw about it

  • Guys is there a video of Jeff or if anyone knows anything about "carb backloading" ? Basically trying to hack hormones(insulin) and eat all the carbs at night AFTER a workout and all the other day consume only protein/fat. This diet's creator said recently that his theory was wrong but it sounds interesting

  • Hi,
    Can you give us a total carb amount for the day please, just as a guideline?

  • Sir…i am 5'10 having lean body with weight of 72kg.i dont have that broad chest. Help

  • intermittant… fasting.. that is all.

  • Finally an answer for meal plans

  • Hi Jeff. I am a 172lb, 20 year old and I have a couple questions for you.
    1. Is eating 5 scrambled eggs a day bad for my cholesterol?
    2. I talked to a nurse on the phone, and he told me with my weight that I shouldn't exceed 137 grams of protein per day, or it can cause issues in the long run for my kidneys. Is this true?

  • So Jeff isn't a defender of a ketogenic diet.

  • Jeff can you please shoot more videos about nutrition, with some visual examples will be awesome!

  • OMG! Thank you, I'm glad that you confirmed what I been doing right!

  • I'm still soo confused wether to start eating more carbs or just stay on a low carb diet.. I've made great gains, but my lifts are kinda staying the same. Then again I don't exactly train for strength. I just eat carbs when I wake up, and maybe for post-meal, and maybe a couple cups of coffee throughout the day. At most slightly over 100gs daily..I just wanna shed more bodyfat, will eating more carbs help?? I wouldn't think so.. 🤔

  • what about carb cycling? low carbs on non training days and high carb on training days

  • can you make a video about protein intake please

  • I eat rice and vegetables. And a lot of meat for protein.. I'm avoiding oily foods, is this a good diet?

  • How is keto for cutting? I've heard many mixed reviews of keto. I know it forces your body to burn fat (ketones) for energy and it's supposed to keep HGH and testosterone high. Are those benefits enough though to notice much of a difference between a regular healthy diet and keto for fat burning?

  • nice house Jeff

  • I need to lose 25-30 lbs. Couldn't I avoid carbs for 1 month to burn my excess fat reserves?

  • This is total bullshit, sorry to say that Jeff. If one is very active then sure, eat lots of carbs. But if going to the gym is the last physically demanding thing you do then continuing to eat carbs does not make any sense, it might actually be counter productive.

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  • At 207Lb 6ft 3 lean athletic physique, I eat a full plate of rice with half as many beans to rice on top with a bowl of salad for dinner(I'm a vegetarian). I feel like I eat to much rice compared to you.

  • a video on ketosis diet

  • I love your content and have considered your program. Mainly because I got respect for your no bull shit factual approach. Until today that it is. You briefly skipped over keytones and were dismissive of their energy potential. I train on a Ketogenic diet and it is only in the adaptation phase that your power suffers. Overall there is way more energy available than you can get from carbs once adapted. A little disappointed you haven't done your research on that front.