Body Transformation: 84 weeks Lowcarb diets

This is a video blog that chronicles my effort to live a healthier life at a healthier weight. I will detail what programs I am on and what works, what doesn’t work and the ways I try to save money in my Journey to lose 84 pounds and 18% body fat in 84 weeks beginning June 11, 2012

Week 18

  • New subscriber!!! Do you have a myfitnesspal. Need some tips on getting started!

  • You make a great point, LOL. I like to say I eat low*er* carb…I LOVE vegetables, so they make up most of what is on my plate, but on a regular basis I'm consuming the low glycemic ones. The rest of my diet is lots of good fats and moderate protein (nuts, seeds, coconut milk and oil, avocados, and strictly organic (and preferably grass fed) yogurt, eggs, cheese, poultry, and beef.

    I look forward to visiting your channel when I have more time to find out what dietary strategy you have chosen. Blessings!