Best Low-Carb Protein Bars For Getting Ripped

See how to shed stubborn body fat:

Troy Adashun dives into the the best protein bars for losing body fat and getting ripped six-pack abs in this video.

Did you know that most protein bars are really candy bars in disguise with a little more added protein?

If your goal is building lean muscle mass and losing body fat, you need to make sure that you are consuming protein bars that help you move in the right direction.

Troy Adashun breaks down the three best low-carb protein bars that will help you lose body fat and get ripped six-pack abs.

Don’t buy another protein bar until you watch this video!

The protein bars on Troy’s list for getting ripped six-pack abs had to fit into three categories:

1. The protein bars on this list all have very minimal impact on insulin levels. Sugar spikes your insulin and causes you to store body fat. If you want to maintain six-pack abs and burn body fat, you must have low insulin levels throughout the day.

All of these protein bars are low-carb and low-sugar and thus have minimal effect on insulin levels!

2. The protein bars must be under 200 calories to be included on this list. Keeping your total daily calories low is a must for six-pack abs. Many protein bars contain well over 400 calories and are loaded with sugar and fat.

The protein bars on this list are great for six-pack abs because they are all under 200 calories.

This list contains the best protein bars under 200 calories!

3. The best protein bars must taste delicious and satisfy a sweet tooth craving. Each of these protein bars is absolutely delicious and satisfy a specific sweet tooth craving.

The three best low-carb protein bars for getting ripped and burning body fat will help you satisfy the following cravings: cheesecake, nutter butter, chocolate chip cookie dough, cookies and cream, and peanut butter fudge!

Best Low-Carb Protein Bars for Getting Ripped:

1:48 – Quest Bars

Quest bars are absolutely delicious and are great for getting six-pack abs. Quest bars are under 200 calories and have 20 grams of protein and only 3 net carbs. They are made with a plant-based fiber that keeps the net carbs very low and makes them sweet and delicious without having to include added sugar and bad artificial ingredients.

Troy breaks down the macronutrients for Quest bars in this video and reveals his three favorite Quest bars that taste just like candy bars and actually help you get six-pack abs!

If you want to find out the other two delicious low-carb protein bars for six-pack abs, make sure you watch the video as Troy will unveil two more absolutely delicious protein bars that will help you build lean muscle mass and burn body fat!

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    Did you know that most protein bars make you fatter than a STUFFED PIG?! Seriously – they are loaded with pure crap. Don't buy another protein bar until you check out this video showcasing the 3 best low carb protein bars for six pack abs. 

    Best Low-Carb Protein Bars For Getting Ripped

  • hello from France… great video….i am on a 35 % prot / 35% carbs/30 % fat  diet  and have difficulty reaching my macros for the proteins, due to fact i am vegan….. what protein bars would you then recommend .;thank you

  • good video. Tha ks for the information. might try power crunch bc I'm not sure I trust the #'s on quest bars. eve. though they taste great!

  • Have you tried the Rbar? reflex bar

  • Awesome channel. I stumbled across this when I was looking for an alternative to my Colossal Bar with Met RX which does taste great but is too high in sugar and calories. Thanks

  • The quest bars I've tasted are crap