Beginners Guide To A High Carb Low Fat Vegan Diet

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– Matt

  • I downloaded Cronometer and it asks only for grams not percentages. How do I know how many grams of carbs, protein and fats I'm supposed to have to follow 80/10/10?

  • PREACH! I think I love you.

  • I still don't understand why 2100 calories is essential…

  • heh my folks still say "carbs make you fat" and they won't even listen to me when I explain the truth to them. They don't eat the right carbs …

  • Vegan AND cute? *LeSigh

  • Matt I believe it's 2500 for a male and 2000 for females men typically have a higher metabolism then women
    That's why

  • thank you

  • youre a beautiful human!

  • thanks so much for this video!! I've been a junk food vegetarian for a few months now and I'm really trying to get healthy and hopefully loose weight on a vegan diet. This video was soooo informative compared to others I've watched ❤❤🍉🍉

  • Wait how do you put all of the foods you eat on the chronometer accurately? Do I have to weigh every single thing I eat?

  • Awesome video I am glad I found your channel

  • its hard for me to eat 2,000 calories a day

  • Thank you. This was a great explanation. Just what I was looking for

  • Is a high carb, low fat diet ideal/good for someone with insulin resistance?!?!?!

  • @mattcama Is a high carb, low fat diet ideal/good for someone with insulin resistance?!?!?!

  • You are so motivating and I love your energy !

  • Good video

  • Thank you so much for this video! Super informative! I've been vegan for a year now and I've still struggled with my weight. I think it's because of the fats in my diet. Starting today I'm gonna download chronometer and try this 80/10/10 diet out. I'm so excited to see the results. Thanks again!

  • Does it matter what kind of carbs you eat? White rice vs brown rice, ect… High glycemic vs low glycemic…

  • Is he vegan ?

  • Should I consume 2,100 calories if I am 15 years old and semi active???

  • will this help me with pcos

  • What about all that sugar? No one seems to mention this but if you eat what you eat you are getting well over 100 grams of sugar in a day. Wasn't all sugar in high quantities bad for you? It seems to be the elephant in the room for all HCLF YouTube channels out there! Plz. address this.

  • You. Are. Awesome. ♥ I've been a Vegan for a few months now, but am just finding out about some of the more "technical" (if that's what you want to call them) terms…. like HCLF Veganism. I'm so grateful for your videos as they do a very nice job of simplifying things.
    Thanks so much!!! 😀

  • is spaghetti allowed and rice??

  • You're amazing! Thank you for helping me <3

  • i dont understand how to use the crono meter
    like how to edit the targets

  • It also depends on if your maintaining or trying to lose weight…. I eat 1500 a day so I can be at a deficit for weightloss.

  • Hi Matt, loved the video. I really hope you can answer this question. I've been on the vegan lifestyle for 3 months. When I do eat fruit in excess, I have terrible acne breakouts. I have listened to my body, and significantly reduced my intake of them. Has this happened to your clients? What have you then recommended? Cheers!

  • I'm concerned with how the HCLF lifestyle may affect blood triglycerides? Have you dealt with or heard of any concerns in this regard?

  • I say this respectfully Matt but you don't act right without eating some meat. Vegans are crackers. You're bouncing all over the place and speaking too fast.

  • Amazing video, amazing channel. Thanks for sharing your wisdom 😀

  • I only went to 1084 sodium on the first day 😉

  • What if you want to gain weight?? fat and muscles. I'm tired of being underweight ;(

  • hey nice video matt….. i have a question…. I'm following this hclf vegan diet for my insulin resistance & I've stopped taking metformin now & I'm feeling absolutely great…. I've never felt this good internally before…. i now want to start incorporating some yoga in the mornings…. i usually have a fresh fruit juice or smoothie for breakfast…. so which would be better…. doing yoga before having juice or after having juice?

  • Thanks so much for your videos! I was wondering how granola bars contribute to our bodies. Are they good or bad? Let me know your thoughts!

  • instead of saying how we should eat cant u just say what we should eat, would be alot easier cuz im stupid

  • This is so helpful!!

  • I am so so glad I found this video !!☺️☺️ I recently went vegan and I was hella confused with this whole high carb low fat diet and I was just eating a bunch of carbs and still high fat foods and I was putting on a bunch of weight and now realise why. This gave me the knowledge and push I needed to continue to try out and see how this lifestyle will work for me. Thank you Matt!! Xx

  • Sounds like he's advocating a Rawtil4 type diet, is that right?

  • A great motivational speaker

  • Whenever i work out i get really hungry really quickly to the point where my stomach starts to hurt. What specific Types of food are more substantial over time?

  • Exactly!

  • This hit me damn hard. I tried going vegan last summer and lost 3 stone but couldn't stick to it- I'm obese at nearly 16 stone at 5"4 and really want to change. This video was so educational and inspiring and I'm going 80/10/10 vegan tomorrow! Thank you man!