Before & After VIDEO Of My 55+ Pound Weight Loss

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  • you look good

  • I just fapped to your before pics

  • "am i perfect ? no
    do i still have fat on my body ? yes " so everyone who has fat on their body isn't perfect ? 😥

  • She's hot!

  • honey you are beautiful before and after. thanks for the inspiration!


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  • I think your smoking hot!

  • You're just such a cute person 🙂

  • why the hell is a size 0 perfect, thats annoying. You look perfect..

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  • your not perfect but who is but you are hot

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  • I don't understand people that give thumbs down to this smh she looks amazing!!!

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  • I love ur body baby

  • U aré my dream baby

  • where is the thong pic?

  • When i was 94 kg i looked thinner than in the before you even my stomach wasn't that big but i had stretch marks looking purple but after losing 10 kg it became white i hope it would fade


  • You are beautiful, be happy!😂

  • i just viewed your video "Before & After VIDEO Of My 55+ Pound Weight Loss" (5/9/2017) and the post results certainly make you appear more beautiful, so Thanks for sharing your success. However it would have been beneficial to viewers if you included your actual diet details, blood type, demographics, etc, along with daily activities and your doctors review of your overall health. And yes i get that you stopped smoking and drinking alcohol, but there are people that smoke and drink and are not overweight but healthy. Hopefully we can see you in 50 yrs as a post followup.

  • id binge out between her legs

  • How tall are you 🙂

  • love you

  • you must be very short then or i have a big muscle mass because i wheigh 182 and yahh i look fat but not that bad but you should know your beautiful no matter youre size so your beautiful

  • you are beautiful and gorgeous I wish that you are my girlfriend

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  • 3:12 How did your tits get bigger, oh by the way those shorts are way too small, It looks like you put on your baby sisters underwear, yes you look great, Be modest about exposing yourself, you were covering it up when you were heavy, so do a little bit of it now

  • You changed your life and that is all that matters. Way to go! #healthyliving