Atkins Diet: Motivation to get you to goal

I was just asked today how do I prevent from cheating. “I am having problems staying strict on the diet.” For me, I had to do what I advocate in this video. It was black and white for me. I either had to be one that was progressing towards that goal or working towards that proverbial one million dollar prize or I was the guy who giving it back. I had to make it that concrete for me. That was also why I think Atkins worked so well for me.

The diet is pretty black and white in the Induction and Extended Induction phase. You are either following the rules or not. If you follow the rules, you’ll get to goal. If not, well you are on your own.

I fully admit others can do their own plan or take off days, and STILL get to goal. I am not one of those people. I don’t do things “sort of” or halfsies well. I am much more likely to quit in that situation.

Good luck to everyone doing low carb, and you guys are doing great!

  • It's amazing what it can be when you take the weight sled of our fat self off. I had a mental image of me dragging this sled of my former lost weight every where I went. Every time I lost a pound, I lost one of my tethers to that former self.

    I want to wish you the best!

  • So very true — the example to your or my kids is such a powerful motivator. They learn so many of our bad habits. It is my hope to instill in them what is possible or what can be done. Your daughter should certainly be proud of you and your commitment to this journey already.

  • Great message! Favorited, and I sent it to Ron to watch! Hope your daughter gets better quickly!

  • Hello Kent. I did the atkins diet about 5 years ago and was very successful. I moved away from the low carb and the weight slowly returned.I am restarting the atkins lifestyle today!! My question is I now work rotating shift work. do you have any advice how to handle eating and sleeping at different times each week?

  • Until I reached my goal, which was a 40lb loss, I cheated maybe 3 times. If I cheated, I didnt see progress as quickly. The Atkins lifestyle works best when you stick to it strictly, especially in the inital phases. Everybody makes mistakes, but do your best to stay strict, it is so worth it when you hit your goal. Great video Kent, Great seein ya!

  • Thanks!

  • I think everyone is finally healthy here with me being the last victim of sinus infection and pink eye last week, which also explains the lack of videos prior to this week. I need the million dollar visualization tonight to get my butt out the door at 10:00 pm to do my daily run about 5 hours late due to my son's football game.

    Now if someone would only just give that money… 😀

  • I appreciate that note a lot. The last few videos have been a lot easier to do than more technical or scientific misconception series. Thanks for watching!

  • It is definitely just me repaying the favor paid to me first. Plus I really enjoy the people I get to meet and be myself inspired by their success story. I mean who wouldn't want to tag along to their journey and see them succeed — whether it be a new exercise they are doing or even a new dress size they are in.

  • Really, I would take the approach of just trying to eat when hungry realizing that some of that hunger may be more conditional (normal meal time) than real hunger. You might try small snacks throughout the day like SF Gerkin pickles or sugar free summer sausage to just satisfy the temporary hunger until a more appropriate meal time.

  • nice video i have to really think about it. thanks for the thought!

  • You are very welcome, and I glad I could help!

  • No problem… Thanks for watching!

  • Wow — that made my day!

  • Kent,

    Do you know approximately what the net carb count on KFC grilled chicken is? I know it has a lot of unhealthy crap in it, but it's awfully convenient. Is it suitable for induction or OWL?



  • It should be 0 net carbs according to KFC web site.

    I would not have it during Induction due to the added starch, but you could add it during OWL and see your own reaction to it. Conversely if you live by a El Pollo Loco, I would suggest them instead. (better quality grilled chicken)

  • El Pollo Loco is a great idea. When you eat El Pollo Loco grilled chicken, how do you count the carbs? I doubt it actually has 0 net carbs per serving. How many ounces is 1 servings and how many net carbs per serving?

    Thank in Advance.

  • According to the El Pollo Loco website, there are 0g in any of the flame grilled chicken pieces. You may want to count 1-2g if you eat 4 pieces, but that would be about it. I know they use citrus juice in their marinade, but that is about it for carbs.

  • Kent, Please make a video on how to accurately count net carbs? I lost 50 pounds in 6 months on Adkins all on induction. I couldnt go on OWL because I would actually gain weight per week. I got discouraged, went off the diet, and gained 12 pounds back. Now Im back on it. Im not getting accurate net carb counts. Almost all of the food labels truncate the number of carbs per serving. Do you have any tricks or systems that you use to account for these lost carbs? Thanks in advance.

  • Check out my net carb video for a more complete answer.

    The simple net carb equation is take total carbs minus fiber grams. If you want to check for hidden carbs, take the fat grams times 9, carbs times 4, and protein times 4. Any Calories remaining from Calories per serving can be allocated to hidden carbs.

  • Thanks for the advice!!