Atkins Diet- Motivation and Recidivism

In this video I deal with the question of a past Atkins follower regarding recidivism and motivation. The question was how to regain the motivation to do Atkins again when it just “makes you want to purge.”

I respond with dealing with about what motivated me. I held a couple of different images in my head — negative and positive ones. The negative ones centered on what the weight and fat meant to me — being kicked off amusement park rides or having to shop for cars with the greatest gut room. The positive ones kept varying as new opportunities kept arising – like reenlisting in the National Guard, running the Living History Farms race, or something as simple hiking with the kids.

The second half is surrounding yourself with others who know you and know your trials. They can commiserate with you, challenge you to do better, or celebrate in your successes.

Finally, internalizing the motivation rather than relying on external pressures is only way to success. External pressure will never be enough to turn down the chocolate because those motivators aren’t always around. You however always are.

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  • What helped me is to know that the high carb foods are just not worth it. That that food that looked so good to my mind was only in my mouth for just a moment but the ramification's of eating that food lasted much longer. Thank you for addressing this girls letter. Sad thing is so much really do think this diet is only meat, eggs and cheese. They forget they need to read the book! Keep up the good work!

  • Thanks for the comments… I had this talk with my daughter on the way from church today. She had a small dinner at the Potluck, but then she loaded up on her and the others' graduation cake and desserts. She was feeling icky afterwards, and I said all the sugar and insulin shock wasn't worth the trouble.

    Trying to get kids not to live for the moment is hard work. Giving them a long-view of decisions is very much part of the maturing process. I fear I fail at that too sometimes.

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  • This letter really struck home with me, and I felt compelled to share it. It had so much relevance to me today still. I could have changed it to be even self-talk with myself or former self before P90x. It's all about where do you want to be in 6 months and how do you want to get there. Did I want to stay the guy who struggled with doing 25 pushups and had a core of jello or be the guy who points to doing AbRipperX 3x a week or sported a new physique in the After photos?

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    Great video. Very well said.Thank you!

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  • This is a question I've been wanting to ask but have been afraid to because of people like you who say you will 100% put all the weight back on when you try to get off of Atkins. Now, I can see people being an Atkins then going directly back to their old style of eating and gaining back all the weight. That's obvious and pretty stupid might I say. But what if you slowly add carbs back into your diet to turn your body back to normal and change your diet to low fat/sugar and still exercise?

  • And to add to this…I've read about people that have gotten off of Atkins with only putting back on a few pounds. I can see that the people that gain all the weight back really don't know what they're doing. But if you know what you're doing you should be able to get off of Atkins. To be honest, I am about to start changing my diet (adding carbs back in very slowly) in an attempt to get off of Atkins and switch to a low fat/sugar diet. I'll let you know how it goes.

  • My question is what does getting off Atkins mean to you? Atkins diet is not just Induction and eating 20g only per day. The 20g phase is to get you back in control of your eating, and then the rest of your diet is doing exactly what you are describing here — adding more carbs back into your diet to the point you can handle them. Some that amount is higher than others.
    If however that means returning to high starch/high sugar/junk food then that is what I am talking about adding weight back.

  • Yes, but I don't want to be on something where if I go over my carb limit I will gain. I did very well 2 years ago with a low fat/sugar diet and lost about 30lbs in 3 months. That's what I'm going to be going back to after I get off of Atkins.

  • And also, I know what happens when you go directly back to the way you were eating. In the 2 and 1/2 months I've been on the diet I've had about 10 cheat days. I probably could have gotten down to 200 from 255 if I did not have all these cheat days but I'm happy with the dramatic change in the way my body looks at only 220. And I'm happy that I was able to do this with all the cheat days I had since I enjoyed every one of them.

  • Me again and I have another question. In the past week I've bumped my carb intake from maybe about less than 5 a day to about 70. I've been eating mainly bread and vegetables to add in the carbs. Although, I'm still in ketosis and still losing weight. All you really have to do to get off of Atkins is get off of Ketosis right? So would it be a good idea to use the Ketosis strips? When it's the negative color then I would know that I'm off of Atkins for good and can continue onto a different diet?

  • There is nothing magical about the Atkins Diet. If you want off of it, simply eat more carbs or state you are off it. At that point it really does matter if you are in ketosis or not since all people will enter ketosis at night or during long periods of no food intake. As to whether to use ketosis or not, if you had them sure, but again their color means little to someone getting off Atkins. The more carbs you eat the quicker your glycogen stores will refill.

  • By the way you're talking, are you saying that by getting off Atkins I'm going to gain my weight back or are you saying that what I'm doing is fine and that I'll get off the diet without a significant weight gain?

  • I am saying that when you get off a ketogenic diet like Atkins the depleted muscle glycogen stores will refill. As they refill, you will gain weight as your water stasis level changes. How much weight? It might be just 2 to 4 pounds.

    You are getting off Atkins, so a diet that depletes your glycogen stores and has burning strictly fat for fuel to a different one will certainly have consequences. If you plan to stay 70g, the amount you gain will be minimal. Go to 300g, it be higher.

  • In the end, I would decide how I would want to eat for the rest of my life, and start eating that way as soon as possible. If it's not Atkins (as it is in your case), find something you can do. Delaying that decision or action will only delay your success. If you gain weight, it will be only temporary as you re-lose it on your new way of eating.

  • So you are saying that I can definitely get off of Atkins without gaining back all of my weight and be able to start losing weight with another diet?

  • Not too much different than the first time… You know the drill basically from the first time. I would do three things for sure though — reread the Induction chapter of the book, hit the low carb recipe sites for new recipes, and finally figure out why you fell off the wagon last time. Use the last time as the proof of concept, and learn from the mistake. Was it lack of planning? Was it food boredom? Was it a splurge went awry? Make plans this time to avoid or defeat those situations.

  • what is glycogen?

  • Stored sugar (glucose) found in your muscles.

  • I CAN'T THANK YOU ENOUGH ! Because of You i'M Second day In KETOSSIS AND LOVING IT.couldn't do it without YOU!GOD BLESS!

  • It took me about a month or two before I no longer obsessed about the carby foods where the diet wasn't imposition. I had a number of times where I really had to make the right choice or evaluate if I wanted to be thin and everything that meant to me or return to old ways of eating. Fortunately, I made the right decision each time and each time it got easier and easier. Soon, it was just automatic response and the donuts while interesting had absolutely no "pull."

    Good luck & keep up informed.

  • Just think of ALL the things you can eat… there's so many things that are so pure,so real,so "legal" … forget about all the "known crap" that's murderously bad… I know it's hard…."butt" it really shouldn't be ! I think we simply make ourselves too crazy over it.

  • Yep too often we focus on what we can't have, and with the food industry eager to add sugar into everything, it makes it easy to do. However like you said on Atkins there is a wide range of foods you can, and rediscovering delicious food is just one quick stop at a recipe site away. Thanks for watching!

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    I am a regular follower of your videos and this is the 3rd time i am on it.Hopefully the last. Its been Day 11 and i have come down from 109 to 101 kgs as of today. My only query cum concern is that, i read that Atkins causes undue stress to the kidneys over a long period of time. I know that you are an advocate of Atkins and have you heard about anything of this sort. i am just 28 and don want my kidneys messed up in 10 years. Thanks for your time.

  • @Jacobabx Check out my kidney stone video where I deal with this whole kidney damage misinformation. If your kidneys are healthy now, you should be fine.

  • @Newportqueen88 The good news is you can always come to your senses and reverse the trend or bad decisions that we have made in the past. It might be frustrating having to relearn the lessons, but that is being human. If we always made the right decision, we wouldn't have likely gotten where we were to begin with.

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