Atkins Diet: Low Carb Fried Chicken (IF)

In this cooking video, I detail how to make one of my staples of the diet — low carb fried chicken. You don’t have to give up the joy of fried chicken, and contrary to low fat diets, you can eat the skin too! I have fried chicken at least once a week almost. Chicken has a great amount of protein as well as delicious fat in the skin. I display 2 of the 3 methods that are among the acceptable coatings for chicken or chicken-fried foods (like Country Fried Steaks):

* Parmesan Cheese – Induction friendly
* Carbquik breading — I typically buy mine from Netrition ( )
* Crushed Pork Rinds. ** not shown Just run the pork rinds through a food processor to crush the rinds into smaller pieces. You would be surprised by how tasty this is, and how little pork rinds flavor there is remaining. I had intended to show this method as well, but Wal-mart wasn’t selling them anymore.

Here is the recipe for the breading:
* 1 cup of Carbquik flour
* 2 TBS Paprika
* 1 TBS Black Pepper
* Dashes of Cayenne Pepper, Chili Pepper, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Poultry Seasoning

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(IF = Induction Friendly)

  • @vitormangraviti What the heck is Atkinson? If you are talking about Robert Atkins, he died from slipping on ice, and his body shut down from the brain damage.

    I find it funny that you say talk to any doctor as that is just what I did. My doctor and many others recommend the ATKINS Diet. In fact in 7 years of being on the diet, I have had glowing physicals, blood analysis, and eliminated all heart risk factors I had. My own doctor uses me and my 211 pound weight loss as examples for others.

  • @vitormangraviti Google is your friend, wretched readers. He slipped on ice. Many people get bloated as they die. The sad doctor's last few days were not pretty. Death is not your friend.

  • @NikFromNYC Did I say he died from being fat, you asshole?
    What I did say is that he died FAT. You need to get a few reading lessons.

  • @vitormangraviti OK great. Not only are you ignorant of that which you speak, you are generally distasteful too. Welcome to my block file.

    PS – way to ignore or obfuscate the truth.

  • @bowulf …so funny when people hate on things they know nothing about.

  • @bmirish33 Yeah, when you don't even know the name of the diet, I am not sure your opinion even matters.

  • Can you do this with just the pamesean cheese and the crushed pork rinds? Or do you need to have the carbquick breading?

  • @kentralmakes3 Those are three different types of breading. You can use any one of them by themselves too.

  • Oh, I see. So you can fry chicken with just Parmesan cheese on it? How does that taste? I'm thinking the pork rinds give it a more fried chicken taste. Oh, and I want to tell you how happy I am that you make these videos. I am starting Atkins today and I am so excited to know there is more to Atkins than just meat and cheese! Thanks for opening up my eyes to all of the possibilities! 😀

  • @kentralmakes3 Yes, in fact that is how I normally cook my fried chicken with just Parmesan cheese. I season it with some salt, pepper, garlic and onion powder, but it tastes great. Best of luck, and honestly the variation in Atkins was what keeps me successful even today. I am glad I could help.

  • @onlinecashflowmaker It works really well for that too. That is essentially how I made low carb Orange Chicken chicken pieces. Yum!

  • @nbkcq28 When I have used Soy flour in the past, it usually burnt before the breasts were done cooking, so that was why I switched to Parmesan in the first place. It is definitely acceptable though, and maybe my oil was just a bit dark at the time.

  • @ksb100pr To each their own… The Carbquik doesn't burn in my fryer, but do what suits you best. 10g per piece of needless carbs (especially refined ones) is more than I would want — especially since no one eats 1/8th of a chicken (a single piece). Best of luck!

  • @ksb100pr I would suggest you recheck your numbers because 1 cup of white flour is:
    Total Carbohydrate 95.39g
    Dietary Fiber 3.4g

    Replacing the Carbquik with white flour in my recipe would increase the net carbs by 86g, or taking your half cup example, it would still be 43 grams higher. Why would I ever want that needless glycemic impact on my blood glucose.

    I have made it both ways, and there is no benefit IMO to using white flour and its refined carbs, discouraged on all low carb diets.

  • @ksb100pr Heck if I want to make high carb chicken and have unlimited carbs, I'd use corn starch. Either way for someone who only eats 20-40g net carbs per day, eating all of them as refined carbs as breading on my chicken is idiotic.

  • @TheSandyk11 That's my major goal with my recipes to make low carb eating as easy and as low a barrier for people to start as possible. There should be little excuse for people to fall into a rut or only eat deli meat / cheese everyday. Thanks for watching!

  • @ksb100pr You must have some unique all purpose flour as I have checked Bob's Red Mill and my own Great Value All Purpose Flour, and the GV Flour is 23g per 1/4 cup and Bob's Red Mill is 22g per 1/4 cup with negligible fiber. Why your flour is half the carbs of all other flours on the market and the USDA reported numbers I don't know. I am still guessing you aren't read your label correctly.

    I'll repeat myself one more time for you that you might understand – "do what suits you best."


  • @ksb100pr I let people respond, but expect a response if you do decide to post. I'll also point out the idiocy of add simple starches and flour back into one's diet if one is attempting to control one's blood glucose level. Trying to cover 1 large breasts with 5g of white flour, which is ~2 tsp, would be near impossible. I'll also point out misstatements in nutrition info to ensure others don't make the same mistake.

    Or am I not allowed to disagree with critics.

  • Thank you Bowulf! Induction-friendly (parmesan) fried chicken is frying now!

  • @bowulf This was a great recipe as usual. I was wondering, have you ever tried making fried chicken with coconut flour or coconut flakes – both of which are low carb friendly? If you haven't, could you do a video on it to see how it would turn out?

  • @alphacause Sorry, I haven't played with coconut flour in that fashion yet, but one of the videos my daughter was going to make was coconut covered shrimp. I would be worried though since chicken takes a lot longer to cook the coconut might burn.

  • Wow! I'm amazed at how great the parm fried chicken looks. It looks like regular fried chicken – better than the carbquik chicken in fact. I have both so I'll give both a try. Thanks!

  • It lookd burnt wtf

  • Some will fall off, but here are some timps:
    * Make sure the oil is hot enough
    * You can add an egg-bath with cream to the rotation (see my upcoming video for details)
    * One other thing add a bit of baking powder to the breading mix

  • My first thought with your recipe was make some fried chicken wings with a side if good blue cheese dressing lol! Then I thought I'll bet that Carb Quick Breading would be ideal for fried zucchini sticks and eggplant.
    I didn't know there is a Breading out there to use! I know in the past one favorite was Italian chicken with Parm cheese plus Italian dried herbs in the mix that coated the chicken. I'll bet this would work very well so I'm hooked on this lifestyle. I'll be starting I'm about 3

  • Fried chicken was one of the things that convinced me this was the way I wanted to eat to forever. I had Parmesan coated fried chicken breasts tonight for supper, and it was great. It's so simple and as good as you'll ever find at KFC or a restaurant. Best of luck!

  • This sounds GREAT!!! Im going to try this sometime today or tomm. I was a lil nervous doing this on the Induction Phase. But am confident I will be ok, just wasnt sure if we could have fried plain wings

  • Honestly having a huge problem starting. I realize I have to start at a higher carb level to get started. Very frustrated right now.

  • I found that if I planned my menus first, including snacks, I was much more successful or less likely to have to grit my teeth to get through the craving. What was your day like? Another suggestion is to make you sure you have enough electrolytes — sodium and potassium the first few days.

  • Great video. I'm eager to get a fyer and try this! Deep frying is completely new to me. You've prolly been asked a zillion times, but what kind of oil do you use? How long does it keep/how many uses is it good for? I just got a deal on a gallon of coconut oil. Is that usable for deep frying? Is it a big chore to clean the fryer each time? Thanks for answering my questions, when you get the chance. Really appreciate all the work you've done to teach so many this new lifestyle.

  • I really like my Emerilware Deep Fryer. It's the best one I have ever owned, and I have owned a few (as you can tell in my videos). It has a cleaning function to help store the oil, and really helps you keep it clean. My fryers before this one would typically sit and get cruddy. This one is cleaned often.

    I typically use corn or peanut oil for deep frying. Refined olive (NOT! EVOO) or refined coconut oil will also work well. You need a oil with a high smoke temp, so refined oils are needed.

  • Corn isn't the greatest oil, but with deep frying you aren't actually eating much if any of the oil. Lard would be another choice, but I haven't ever found it reasonable to try. I will use my oil probably 7-10 times (strained every or every other time) or 3-4 weeks which ever comes first. You can smell when the oil starts to degrade or get rancid. (oxidized)

  • I think it is probably reputable. I don't have any in my house or I would test my blood glucose after eating some. I was similarly skeptic, so I always consumed intermittently. I do see multiple reports online though that diabetics report only 10-15 pt hit to their bg levels. I tend to believe the multiple reports.

  • hey mr. bowulf I did pork chops with just an full egg wash with tons of seasoning ( uh season salt for me since its not a prob ) and so inspired by this vid I did it on chicken too and it came out great all brown and crispy…wahhh tho I don't have atkins dinners yet in my market…yum yum my hero lady sharon osbournes kickn but eatn those! gb

  • I know those frozen foods make life easier, but when I can eat fried chicken like this, the loss of them isn't quite as bad. I am glad your chicken turned out so well for you.

  • 😀

  • Probably excess Paprika in the breading mix.

  • Have you tried the breading with fried vegetables and if so did it turn out good in your opinion? Okra, green tomatoes or squash? Also, Thank you so much for taking the time to make all these videos. I've been watching them for 2 days now and I plan on starting Atkins in about a month. I'm trying to plan out the first month's menu in advance and your experience is invaluable. Congrats on your weight loss!

  • Check out my low carb fried pickle recipe here on Youtube. It is essentially this recipe used with vegetables. It works well with all the vegetables I have tried it with. The fried pickles is one of my wife's friends favorites, but should work on okra and tomatoes just as well.

  • Is it ok to use any type of oil or do you prefer certain brand. I figure on low carb no problem since all it is, is fat. But would you think it matters of type?

  • I prefer not to use Soy oil and Canola oil even for deep frying. For what I do use, I prefer peanut oil, but will use corn oil due to their high smoke temp. Another option would be refined olive oil — NOT EVOO, as its smoke temp is also high. Some people swear by only frying in lard, but it is difficult to find non-hydrogenated lard.

  • Yep, it was one of my best purchases ever. I love my new one — Emerilware.

  • Ken, thanks for the recipe. I plan to use the parmesan. Can you tell me what oil you fry the chicken in? I would like to use the most healthy oil to fry.

  • Two thumbs…

  • Where can I buy that carb quick flour?