Atkins Diet: Low Carb and Communion

Note: I will not allow this to be an argument over religion or Christianity. I fully realize two things you don’t talk about in public are religion and politics, but I know I was troubled by this subject. Others may have the same questions but afraid to say anything.

Lord’s supper is the only time I eat bread and juice any more, but that is my willing gift to receive God’s grace. Whatever you called to do as the time comes I am sure God accepts it and you. My only qualification is that accepting the gift of the body and blood doesn’t mean you have take the biggest bite or the biggest drink.

Here are a few more threads on this issue:
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  • Glad to see your a follower of Christ. Hope your doing well my friend. talk to ya soon

  • When I first saw the title of this video I misread it. I thought it said Low Carb and Communism. LOL
    Good video.

  • That would be a slightly different video (communism). LOL Thanks for watching Danny.

  • Thanks Loraine – you say the nicest things!

  • I am not sure I did it justice, but I tried. Thanks for watching.

  • Always good to see you Josh!

  • Thank you – that is all I can ask…

  • Awesome topic Kent! God Bless!

  • such a great vid! havent even thought about it! God bless you!

  • What a great video! I thought about it the bread but because of my belief I would risk it. God is along with me on this journey anyway.

  • It was one of those ideas that smacked me across the head the first time, and like I mention in the notes, I don't necessarily take the biggest gulp or bite of bread. Take care…

  • Good for you! God appreciates your dedication and commitment to Him.

  • Thank you for watching.

  • It's one of those things that I wouldn't risk rejecting his gift of Himself, but I could understand or respect someone who made an alternate choice. He looks at the heart and its motivation.

  • You are welcome and thanks for watching…

  • Thanks for clearing this up Kent. I have wondered this many times.

  • It is always a pleasure to see around my videos, Sade. Wise words as always from you too.

  • I am glad I wasn't alone in this wondering or pause for contemplation. Good to see you, Nick!

  • You are very welcome, JayCee.

  • Thanks for watching. I knew I couldn't be alone in this or my commitment to Him.

  • Glad I could be here for you guys, and I look forward to more of your videos and seeing your success story develop.

  • I try to be confrontational about my faith, but I try to make sure everything I do reflects the One who is greater than I — Soli Deo Gloria. I was given a great gift by Him (the weight loss among many others), and I thank Him for it often.

  • love the vid kent

  • Yes, you should take at least one multi-…

    Check out my first two exercise videos. I talk about this fatigue issue, and why your performance sucks starting out. It takes about 3-4 weeks for your body to acclimate to the diet. At which point by week 5, your performance should be as good or better than before.

  • It's great knowing you are a fellow believer.

  • im not catholic or anything, but i just wanted to say i was on atkins three years ago, and things like this would pop up, and cause so much conflict within me, but i really appreciate how you broke it down.