Ask Chris Episode 1 – High Carb Diets, Cyclical Keto vs Standard Keto, and Motivation

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  • really appreciate you doing this. thanks, man.

  • Amazing video once again Chris!

    Quick question, do you count NET or TOTAL carbs when you are doing keto? is it bad if i dont count the fiber? also, whats your opinion on a very low carb tortilla for example with 5 grams of net carbs and 10 grams of fiber?

    Thank you sir for your time!

  • Could not agree more! 😊

  • Great video bro keep up the good work!!

  • how long should one be on SKD before you can make the switch to CKD? trying to build mass

  • Chris, what YouTube channels, fitness or otherwise, do you enjoy watching?

  • great video

  • One of the best youtubers hands down!!!

  • Thanks Chris, very informative video, like always.
    I am on keto myself, 2 quick questions, if u got the time:

    1. U don't count the vegetables to your carbs. I don't either, but controversial subject…could u explain why not?

    2. Because of my hunger attacks, I often consume 2-3kg of greens(cucumber, lettuce) etc..
    which would be abt 80-90gr of carbs and 300kcal, if I counted them..
    u think it's still ok for keto or should I try to reduce?

    Thanks man, appreciate it!

  • When I backloaded, I went hypoglycemic during leg workouts. Is this just temporary/my body adjusting?

    Thanks Chris.

  • Damn, I couldn't like the video 2 times…
    I just wanna say: Thank you Chris.

  • Great vid my man. Just on the CKD thing the refeed is more 36-48 hours rather than just one day for full glycogen optimisation. So if you don't handle carbs well at all then you should think seriously before transitioning to this approach

  • Intelligent man…cool stuff.