An MD’s Low Carb Weight Loss Results

Dr. Bowman lost 40 pounds in 5 months on the low-carb diet from Schedule at Local & Online Distance Metabolic Coaching Available. Join us for our monthly webinar or weekly local courses!

Most people come to one LIVE Metabolic Coaching session, however he did it all online, for free.

I actually went to medical school with Dr. Bowman. We sat through all the same classes and read all the same books. Now we are both MDs in Lubbock, Texas. He is a neonatologist and I am an ophthalmologist. Some of the nursing staff my operating room also work in his department in the hospital. So when some of the nurses started the program, they told Dr. Bowman about it too!

What was the trigger for his weight loss? Well, he saw some pictures of himself on Facebook, and he realized he was heavier than he needed to be and decided to do something about it. Also with a family history of obesity, he didn’t want to continue to gain weight year after year.

Dr. Bowman – “It was funny to hear him talk through the biochemistry and the metabolic pathways and the way he (Justin Anderson, MD) looks at them. Because I was there when he was learning it too… It’s kind of an oh yeah (picture light bulb going off above head). It’s not that you learn new things, it’s that you think about old things in a new way.”

Dr. Bowman – “Mainly it’s that concept of, if you body is not burning carbohydrates, you can switch… and you can burn fats… The other big learning point, I would say, is the role of insulin. We are constantly in a balance between storing energy and mobilizing energy. And so, when your insulin is up, you are in a storage mode… I had stored enough! I needed to stop being in storage mode, and start tilting that balance towards mobilizing energy.”

And that is what Metabolic Coaching is all about. It is about decreasing the sugar, refined carbohydrates, and grains in the diet. This leads to decreased blood sugar. That leads to decreased insulin levels. And finally weight loss with other benefits such as decreased blood pressure and decreases in other facets of the metabolic syndrome (hence the name “Metabolic Coaching”).

Dr. Bowman experienced the “early challenges” that we all face. So what do we eat? How do we order a burger without a bun at Sonic? What do I eat at a birthday party? But we all have to launch. We all have to start somewhere. So just get started, and you will learn along the way, just like he did. “You have to jump off a cliff. And you’re going to make some mistakes, and eat carby stuff… but there’s no way to figure it out other than to just do it.” Luckily, once you’re in the program and have been doing it for a little while, it gets easy.

And I’m really glad that Dr. Bowman mentioned the MEDITATIONS. In my experience, the people who do the best on the Metabolic Coaching program are those who BOTH watch the entire “2013 Cut the Killer Carbs” seminar online AND do the nightly low-carb weight loss Meditations. In his words,

“I would say one of real the keys to the program was recruiting the subconscious mind – using the meditations… When you first start out it feels a little weird. But honestly, that’s the key to reprogramming how you do things so you don’t have to think about it. You’re not counting carbs. You’re not buying shakes. You’re not doing medicines or pills. You just reprogram the way you eat. And I think that without the meditations, that reprogramming would be more difficult, and a lengthy process. Whereas with it (the low-carb weight loss meditations), it’s been a source of real success.”

And I emphasize the same thing in our LIVE low-carb Metabolic Coaching sessions. 1. Watch the seminar and 2. Do the nightly meditations. The combination of both is intended to make the transition to a low-carb lifestyle as easy as possible.

You can learn the low-carb diet Andy followed to lose 40 pounds and keep it off by watching the videos 1-7 at: Written instructions, the audio version and low-carb meditations can be found at:

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