70 Pounds Weight Loss 7 months. Keto Low Carb Diet Ketogenic Weight Loss

70 pound 5 Weight Loss in 7 months – Ketogenic Diet – Keto Diet – Quick Weight loss. Low Carb

In this video I tell you what I did to lose 5 stone, which is a weight loss of 32kg or 70 pounds in 7 months. I will provide a brief outline of the keto or ketogenic diet and my exercise regime to lose weight.

The Ketogenic or Keto Diet is the first true diet, which has worked for me. I have always been fat, from child to man I was the nice fat guy, well I’m in the middle of changing that!

My weight loss journey started in May 2014, I was introduced to the Keto diet in August and never looked back. In 7 months I have lost 5 stone in weight and my waist has shrunk by 8 inches. I still have a very long way to go with a target of another 4 stone!

The Ketogenic Diet is a high fat, medium protein and very low carb diet and believe me it produced results!

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I would like to thank you for watching my weight loss introduction video, I hope this inspires you to lose weight. Who knows, you may lose 7 stone in 5 months (or quicker!) also.

  • good job

  • Thank you Richard. There's still a long way to go but I'll get there. Are your doing the Ketogenic diet also?

  • Great results, well done. Good to see some British folks on keto. Thanks for posting and good luck with the rest of it.

  • Well done, Bet you feel great in mind and body.  I've lost 8lbs in a week, bit too quickly I know.  Just wondered what your daily menu is? Linda

  • hy! how long were you on a keto diet before you noticed a change in your weight?
    have you done refeeds?

    thanks, Maša

  • I am so proud of you!  I'm 62yo with some health issues and obese and started a keto diet 2 weeks ago and your story has really encouraged me.  Please keep up the good work and encouragement to others!

  • Good job, man 🙂 Question…do you have like "cheat meals or days" or maybe carb refeeds?

  • please upload more videos 🙂 good job

  • Holy smokes! You look amazing!

  • YOU GO BOYYY !!! this gave me hella motivation .

  • I often get asked about cheat days and carb refeeds. I do not have cheat days as such, but there are times when I go off keto all together (Christmas is one of them) during this time I will try and go low carb (60g or less a day) but not strict like keto. With regards to carb refeeds, I have never done this, it's not needed in my honest opinion.

  • Please keep making videos you are amazing! Also…do you think Diet Coke, Diet pepsi etc, sugar free stuff is ok to drink on Keto?

  • Love your videos, please make more. Your fat bomb recipe is the best.

  • Love this and your Instagram feed,great to see a British person to. You've really helped my motivation thank you. Judy wondered ,how did you arrive at the grams macros and do you eat bone broth as well ?

  • Very good video..motivating at its best..thank u for sharing!

  • Congrats on your loss. Have you been able to stay on keto these last few months? I find it is too strict for me to do long term – Lim

  • Thx u 4 sharing! I'm starting this in 2 days.

  • Congratulations!! You are doing great!  I just started Keto myself last week.  I only lost about 2 pounds.  Thank you for being an inspiration to all!!

  • hi on a typical day can you show us how much fat you eat thanks.Gail.

  • Yay! Great results! 🙂

  • I lost 43kg in 5-6 months with keto.

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