60 day low carb challenge

Losing fast healthy weight the right way in a 20 carbs a day diet

  • I want to join but I try low carb all the time and can never stick with it when you say boring yes it is I just be like forget this… I'm gonna commit to do 30 days though

  • I am going to do it with you I actually started today as well coincidently. Good look I will be following your sucess but I think I will do 30 days

  • I'm in what is the fat blocker

  • I want in you look good boo

  • omg low carb is extremely boring but it does produce the best results for me so I'm all in. ill start tomorrow

  • Dang u lost how much in 4months last time u did that? Omg!!!! Please tell me u have videos detailing what exactly you ate

  • I so wanna do the challenge with you. I need to loose about 70 lbs.