6 Weight Loss Motivation Tips That REALLY WORK!

Weight loss is hard, and it can be too easy to lose motivation. In this video I share 6 weight loss tips to keep up the motivation! ↓OPEN ME↓
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☀ How I Lost 40 Pounds in 2 Months:

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☀6 Weight Loss Motivation Tips That REALLY WORK!

☀Why I Decided to Lose Weight

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Consult your doctor before starting any new diet or exercise program. Don’t feel discouraged if these methods do not work for you. We’re all different! Good luck! 🙂

  • I'm currently 180 pounds I want to lose 50 pounds so I reach my goal of 130 so I'd be closer to the weight range I should be in for my age and height

  • great advice!

  • where can I get wall calendars from ?

  • Hi Kaylah, just found your channel and subscribed. Love your informal and cheerful style! Thanks for the tips 👍

  • love your videos! I'm currently working on losing 40lbs of baby weight and these videos get me so motivated.

  • I love it! Going under the knife which I plan to do! Lol

  • Thanks for the awesome tips I'll be sure to try them ❤️

  • I just came across your channel and i love it! I've been on my weight loss journey on and off for about two years now. Starting off at 170 and weighing 152 today. I don't have much weight to lose to reach my goal weight of 135 so I'm back on my journey from a long break to get to where I want to be. Your tips and advice are extremely helpful and as I speak I've written some goals, rewards and punishments! Your such an inspiration to people who are trying to reach their goals! Can't wait to see what other videos you have on your page as well as the videos you post in the near future

  • Kaylah, thanks for the video and the great tips. Hey, come alive a little, geez…. you look and sound like you're bored to death. lol Energy Kaylah energy! I couldn't finish watching you cause you were putting me to sleep… All love tho! ENERGY!

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  • Love ur videos…. gonna get those jars… and I saw band-aids when I saw the plus n minus signs on the jars… lol Thankhz for sharing ur life… Wholeness n Love Sister Kaylah ((-;

  • I'm having so much trouble losing 40 pounds! i feel super discouraged 🙁 when i tell someone i feel discouraged all they tell me is "put ur mind to it" i know! but after i lost a couple pounds i stopped losing and now i havent been to the gym in a month. what do i do please someone help me. i want to lose weight because i dont feel good. anyone with good advice 🙁

  • just use ur old penny's if you don't wanna spent on marbles 🙂

  • I'm 15 years old,freshman and weight 195. Back in 8th grade I was in weight loss journey it was going so well. Before that weight loss I was 190 and went down to 170.when I entered high school I got so stressed and went up again to 195. I'm starting my journey tomorrow(: wish me luck !

  • Great video! Thanks!

  • this is my 2nd day…& mentally this is hard for me . my biggest issue eating out at work! this week I'm packing my lunch all week. I'm planning on documenting my journey also , just to provide myself with some accountability.

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  • do you still use tumblr?

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  • You are a huge inspiration! I tried going on the low carb and low fat diet you said you were on and completely failed at it only 2 hours ago. And I was planning to give up on dieting over the summer until I saw this video. I really love your personality, and your positivity and you've inspired me to better myself as a person. Thank you so much for posting you honestly have no idea how many people you've impacted possivitivly .

  • 1.375 likes and only 7 dislikes. Respect! And a very good video with useful tips :))