5 Tips To Get Leaner and Gain Muscle

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  • Behind the neck pulldown. Safe?

  • I like the shirt

  • Hey I've always thought it's not such a good idea to work two muscle groups in one work out session. Especially with back and chest since these are very large muscle groups, wouldn't it be better to focus on just one of them to get maximum results? I mean if you're doing arms like the biceps and triceps are relatively small muscles especially the biceps so I do those in one day. Thanks for the amazing videos Steve you're a great role model bro

  • Steve any plan for vegas.

  • if its the end of the day and your still deficient in protein intake for the day could you just take a shake?

  • Check out the channel! Weight loss, health, & Nutrition facts!

  • tq steve..

  • Stop fucking lying u don't need a gram per pound of protein.

  • U can take amino acids separately it's called free form guys were doin it before u were born and they were bigger than u…

  • i saw steve at a medical marijuana store a few months ago!!

  • you have food in your teeth at around 2:20

  • i cant focus what you're saying watching u teeths hahaha

  • Chipotle is the worst chicken you can get come on

  • Steve is holding onto that single piece of food stuck in his teeth for some protein for later lol

  • is ground chicken fine in place of whole chicken?

  • loads of info in this vid that would take a lot of research if u went to the forums

  • Chipotle Mexican grill? ppl say Mexican food gets you fat

  • I know that chipotle in midtown!

  • About the supersets, you say do back first? Why? I don't get it

  • insulin insensitive 4:19 min ?

  • where was that chipotle?

  • dude solid video!!! content at great speed and great efficiency. thank you!

  • Guys the way to get lean or shredded is to lower your carbs and up your protein and keep fats regular eat clean boys

  • I m a Vegan , ( By birth ) can do anything bout it , not want to do meat instead , how can i gain Similar amount of protein Eating Veg … Also Exclude Eggs .. thanks

  • just started tracking macros for fat loss. my macro ratio is p-35 c-45 f-20…how much should I increase and decrease for high and low carb days?

  • I'vе usе https://twitter.com/9b7e19512eee5d182/status/822770372575563776 aаnd I'vе gonеееe from 207lbs tо 215lbs. рrеttу сlеan musсccclе, gооd diеting lifting 3 dауs а wеek. I'm а сontinuеd custооoоmеr. 3rd bottlе

  • this is the only video i've seen on the topic that actually makes proper sense and is realistic thanks so much for this steve

  • 6grams of protein in an egg.
    When I was a lad I weighed 288lbs and I ate eggs to get large!
    Now that I'm grown I weigh 360lbs so I'm roughly the size of a barge!

    Who has brains like gaston!!
    Entertains like gaston!!
    Who can make up these endless refrains like gaston…